RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Amitrajeet Batabyal

9120023Good teacher, know what he is talking about. The only problem is that sometime he can't explain something that is a difficult concept. He answers the question, but usually it is harder to understand that then the original. I usually just talk to the guy next to me and hope that he knows. Grading and testing is fair
9520023He is an excellent teacher and goes out of his way to help students both in the classroom & the office. I did not like his tests because he goes out of his way to trick students and thus making them difficult to answer.
8520023Good professor, but difficult grader. I would take another professor if possible. All quizes are open book, but final is closed book.
9920011He is an excellent professor. His very concerned about his students and how well they do in his class as well as understand the material.
9920004He's the kind of professor we need in RIT: knows the material and explains well to students.
9920003He has a great understanding for the subject and he relays that to the class perfectly. His teaching style is easy to follow and very helpful. Little if never will you need to rely on the book for help because he does such a good job of explaining everything.
9920003The best there is man. HE makes you understand the course. He is the best trust me on that