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Ratings for Alejandro Engel

4820023Extremely bad teacher. He confuses himself while at the board trying to solve a problem and then spends half of the class time trying to figure out how to do the example problem. He is HORIBLE. His class is prity much a waste of time.
8820023I took an upper level course from him during the summer quarter registered for 8 credits total, so I can not comment on the impression he made on me as a full time student, but I did notice that he can be helpful if you persistently look for him during office hours, make the time to see him, and ask meaningful questions. He does not entertain questions that you could probably find an answer to from your peers. Be careful, do not take him too lightly, but be responsible and you won't have much reason to complain about the grade you recieve at the end of the quarter.
9520023Good professor. Knows the material extremely well. Presents it clearly. Had him for two classes: Calc IV and DiffEq. Enjoyed both of them. You learn a lot in his class.
7520023Not a great teacher, not a horrible teacher, knows what he is doing, doesn't convey it better than average, between the slight accent and the 9AM, I fell asleep a lot in his class, so I had to learn all of DiffEQ in about 8 hours on an all-nighter before the final. Whine points no homework or quizzes and one of 4 tests being dropped means you only have to study/do well 3 times in the quarter, but it probably means you also dont study but those 3 times.
8820023He's much better than the people here say. Gives good notes and examples w/o huge amount of unneccessary background, allows a cheat sheet on tests (which I thought were very fair), and drops the lowest test grade. Assigns but doesn't collect HW, but if you don't do some of it, don't expect a good grade.
5820023He was one of the worst professor I ever had in RIT. He made at least three mistakes in class. Whether he likes you or not, his attitude would change according to his mood, such as he was not willing to answer my the questions somrimes. The tests were exactly the same as his examples in the class so they were easy if you understood the material. Students could also bring in the cheat sheet which was good. BUT, his grading was very tough. (I made one mistake, forgot to change alph to pie, and I lost 25 points.) OVERALL, HE IS NOT A GOOD PROFESSOR TO LEARN.
5320023he's incredibly smart, but a lousy teacher at the lower calc levels. I've heard that he's good at upper levels, but I'll never have to find out firsthand.The only person who got a good grade on the third test was the one smart enough to skip lecture enough to avoid being confused by Engel.
8820012These comments come down on him pretty hard. The only reason that I don't give him an A is because he does not give much partial credit if any at all. For our first test, however, he gave us 15 "whine" points. 15 free points added for free, but sacrificed if you want to argue about the grade you received on you test. His projects really make you think, and allow you to see actual applications for the material. It is tough to understand what is going on; it seems like a lot of memorizing steps to solving various situations but that could just be the course - an not necessarily him. I would take him again, but not over Luce or Wilson.
8820012Found his diff eq class very easy, he'd do the examples in class, and then lo and behold, it was almost the exact same thing on the test. Projects were tough, but not a huge part of the grade, and no homeworks or quizzes.
4820012Unlike other people on this board, I’ve got an A on all 3 exams in his class. However he is HORRIBLE,HORRIBLE prof. I’ve learned nothing from his class. Every second in his class was a wasted second of my life, that I will never regain. The only reason I did good in his class was due to the fact that I copied all the examples on my cheat sheet. What even worse he is a sloppy grader. He gave me 60% on one of the exams, but after he re-graded it, he gave me 91%. The right answers were right at the end of each page, circled!!! I still can’t understand how he missed them. Kids in my class had coffee and fat stains on their test!!! Wow!!! Also thick accent, horrible attitude and bad odor make him one of the worst profs at RIT.
Oh, yeah, one more thing, he is doesn’t know much about the Calc. Many times he couldn’t solve advanced problems from the book. How pathetic!!! Especially considering the fact he had a solution book and an advanced degree in math.
8820012I had Engel for Diff eq. His tests were very fair and straight forward. In class the examples he did were great. He doesn't incourage questions, but answers them if they come up. A good student would get an A without a sweat.
4820012This is the worst Teacher i have ever had. I expeted to get a B and He gave me a D. His grading method is awful, He hates anyone who asks a question. I would never take Engel, drop the class before ever taking this teacher he is the worst.
4820012This is by far the worst professor I've ever had. He accused me of cheating and refused to grade my test. I complained to the department head and.. gasp! He decided to grade my test again. Seems he does this to all of the males in the class.. but I haven't heard of a female in the class having a problem.. interesting.
8520012Do the homework. Know the material and you'll do OK. Very boring lectures. Not a lot of partial credit.
8520012do your stuff you will do well but i didnt learn anything in class.. but who does?
5320011The only reason I didn't give him an F- was because he lets you bring a formula sheet that you write yourself for use on tests. He is also not a mean person, but he is however an abismal math teacher. His accent can also make him difficult to understand at times. Also, when asking questions, if you aska question he does not like he will sometimes make you feel kind of dumb. A majority of my class passed with about a C or D. I don't recommend him to anyone unless you just want to teach the stuff to yourself from a textbook.
4820011His tests are difficult.. he does grade sort of fairly.. .. his exam.. take a few Valium before taking it.. the exam was difficult.. and not fair.Even though he let us use a crib sheet, they won't work
He put an concept on the exam that he discussed in class, but did not give homework for, so we did not have an opportunity to practice the problems.

Avoid him if you can.
His classes won't help your GPA that much.
5820011Good points: lets you have a cheat sheet for each test, gives 3 "easy" extra credit projects.

Bad points: extra credit problems are rarely "easy", tests are difficult and you can barely complete them in the alloted time, sloppy handwriting and thick accent, if you ask a question about what is said or written he won't answer it, makes you feel dumb for asking simple questions or making insignificant mistakes, dashes out of class afterwards, rarely available for outside help, and when he is, it isn't ever helpful.

Other than that, he's a great teacher!
5320011he was a joke. he would show up late to class, disrupt the whole class by pausing if a late student snuck in, and leave IMMEDIATLY after class. he was rude and taught little. the only thing i remember from his class was the horrible way he used to pace back and forth... back and forth
5320011Dropped his class after second day, could not understand him
7520011Does a decent job of teaching the material. He is hard to understand, though, and don't even think about finishing one of his tests within the alloted time.
4820002His classes were a waste of time. Could have learned more through osmosis by beating the book against my head
9120002Knows his stuff well, and does a decent job teching it.
8520002Not the greatest teacher, but he had his moments... tests could be a bit tough but hey, it was diff. eq...
9520002Great prof and good teaching style. Will allow a crib sheet and is always willing to help, as long as you try.
7120002He is not the best by any stretch of the imagination. I often had to seek help elsewhere because he rarely provided it both in class and out of class. He cut classes short to pick up his daughter and pretty much didn't seem to care about the course. On the bright side, his tests weren't impossible and he is a nice man. You just need to ask the right questions and you can get the help you need to pass the course.
7520001Engel is a good teacher. He doesn't waste any time during lecture. His exams are a different story. Don't even bother breathing during the exam or you will run out of time.