RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Alan Entenberg

7820023He relies too much on webassign, which isn't a very good learning tool in my opinion.
8120023nice professor, tests are a little bit out there but applies a curve. makes the class quite challenging
8820012Good Professor, had him for physics 2. Can go through material a little quickly, but takes time to answer any and all questions.
8820012Not a bad professor at all, by any means. Given the subject matter he's teaching, I'd say he does a pretty good job of it. Likes to use in class examples, but is a tad bit picky on the grading. The best professor for Physics that I've ever had.
7520003Nice guy, good teacher. A little boring but you can deal with it.
9120003Helpful and understanding.
9120002Very easy to talk to. Receptive to students' questions.
8820002A very nice and understanding teacher. Really gave our Physics II class a few breaks (ex: the final was only on the last two chapters). Unfortunately, once it came to actually teaching he was a little scatterbrained and sometimes it was hard for me to really follow what was going on.
8820002Decent teacher and a nice guy, I had him way back in physics 3 and I managed to do pretty well.
8520002he's a nice guy who's willing to help students. However, he uses web assign!!! the worst program ever made, (and they even charge us to use it). those crazy north carolina people can't write a decent program. U of R 's Webwork is much better.
8820002He taught fairly well. Very nice guy.
8820002A great and decent professor who always is helpful when he is around. Test is fairly not so bad. It is just that I wish that he doesn't emphasize on drawing on the pictures on the test. But then again, it is good for me to understand and make the test little bit easier.
8820001He is a pretty good teacher and answeres questions well. He does a lot of examples. He's corny but cares that you learn it. His tests arn't that bad.
9919993He is pretty good. I had a lab class with him and he was always helpfull when I requested his help. He doesn t give you the answer, but points you towards the right direction. He also doesn t give away points, but he was very fair in grading the labs.
9519993Sometimes he s a little scatterbrained...but he s certainly fair, and his tests are easy, and you learn the material. You have to put up with your teacher not knowing basic math though
8519993Good, but not great. His tests were pretty easy though.