RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Anne Coon

5320023Those who thinking positively of this prof. I would assume those who put an A for the Prof's grade probably recieved an A in her class.. Well for me I find her odd, and has too many favorites.. Also for some reason I get the feeling that she has a problem with color.. So if she does I dislike her for that.. I found it very hard to fellow her in my folkore Myth class.. She is soo up in the air, cannot seem to keep me leveled with her theories! Also I dislike her for the fact that I worked my ass off in this class showed up to every class, did all my hw, turned it in on time so forth but yet another student I know whom missed 5 classes and get to walk out with an A and I got a D??? what is that all about?? But then again It might have had something to do with my color... Any of you color students see differently from my point a view???
9920012Poetry rocked...
9920011Just simply a great professor! I hated every english class I had prior to Writing and Literature I. She took literature which I thought would be very dull and boring and made me enjoy it!!! She is indeed a nice person and a good professor! She is a fair grader not to mention friendly, and holds great class discussions. She does not hand out A’s like they are going out of style, but in the mean time, she is not one of those professors who takes great pride in giving failing grades. I received a B in her class, partially because of my poor writing background. However, that does not make me feel any less of her. My writing skills dramatically improved in less than a quarter. She is a great teacher and I learned so much from her class. If she is teaching a course you are interested in taking, TAKE IT!!! As long as you try and show interest you will not get lower than a B, I guarantee it!!
9920003A great teacher. She was very professional, yet reminded me of a mom.
9520002I took Prof. Coon's mythology course and I thought it was great. She is a very interesting teacher, never boring. Tests were fair, as well grades on papers. She made the major project due in the middle of the quarter, so it didn't pile up with everything else at the end.
9920001Very good professor. Dr. Coon cares about her students and is enthusiastic about the Writing & Literature sequence. I enjoyed the most out of a class that I thought would be boring. A nice person and a good professor!