RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Ali Ogut

6520004His class was really easy but he didn't seem to know the subject matter. It seemed at times as if he had never used excel. You can tell he is a smart man and knows engineering but Problem Solving with computers is not his specialty.
8520004I had Ogut for problem solving w/ computers. He does take input from the class in how he is doing and how he could improve, and he tries to do what the class asks him to do. His classes were stright from the handouts, if you wanted to you could go aheah and and surf the web for the rest of the time while he catches up... His HW and tests can sometimes be very imbiguous. What I mean about this is that the wording won't be right for what he is looking for, or could go in multiple directions of approch, and if you arrive at the same answer he might take off for not having the same approch. He is around for help and to clear up any questions. The tests are take home and usually have a weekend or more to get it done. I might take him for another class, but it depends on choices that I have. The reason I gave him a B was because he taught from his hand out, should be original, and becauase his pace was slow for me, would have enjoyed a little more difficulty.
9520003Ogut is is great, if you talk to him and go to his office hours he will be your best bud for life. Do the homework and understand it and you will do great in his class he is more than willing to help you get all the points on a test. I had him for Mechanics II