RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Anne Young

7520023I really don't like Dr. Young's method of teaching, yet I feel that I learned a pretty good bit in her class. She does physics her own way, and Her equations are the ones you need to learn. Great grading scale, but sometimes grades a bit unfairly anyway.
6520023Explains the material very poorly in class, just seems to make stuff up as she goes along.
5820023worst teacher in the world. she is the worst teacher i have had since middle school. she teaches absolutely nothing in physics class and assigns at least 5 hours a week of webassign crap that we barely get any credit for. she is a decent person but an awful teacher.(i'm refering to her physics 1 class)
7520023Great grading scale, questionable teaching abilities.
8120023Not an especially horrible teacher, but not a very good one either. Very unorganized, it can take weeks for her to return graded assignments if she even returns them at all. Does a fairly good job of explaining material, and is a nice person as well.
7820012Overall good professor, but very disorganized. She handed back our first exam 3 weeks later after we took it! She assigns a lot of homework. It’s very difficult to fail her class if you do the work, but at the same time equally difficult to get a good grade.
9520011Great on visual aid, but tend to be a bit heavy on webassign and assignments for EVERY CLASS. but overall, she knows her stuffs and can help you visualize it very well!
9120011Dr. Young could have scored an A+, but she has a nagging problem, It is the sixth or seventh week and I have not recieved My first Exam Grade which is what the majority of the final grade is based on. It is impossible to do anything now. She is quite disorganized, but a nice person outside of class very enthusiastic about Astronomy. She is weeks behind the lab in material which makes the lab overly difficult.
4820011Do NOT take this professor. I know many rate her very highly for Astronomy, but DO NOT take her for PHYSICS. She has no clue what she is doing. She makes up her own formulas, and expects you to learn them, depsite what the book says. She never gives enough time for her tests or quizzes. She gives insane amounts of webassign homework, and never gives anything back on time. I easily spend 10 hrs a week doing her homework, assignments, and studying, and yet I still end up only getting C's on her impossible tests. Did I mention that her tests are unlike any of the homework she gives? Or that she goes over no problems in class? I am convinced she is the worst professor I have ever had at RIT.
6820004don't expect to ask questions outside of class, she'll scream at you.
7120003Prof. Young comes across as a very frazzled and disorganized teacher, and easily got irritated in College Physics III when students asked questions that seemed stupid to her. She is not easy to approach with questions. Overall I'd guess she is better in research than teaching.
9520003Lots of demonstrations, fair amount of homework, easy tests and quizes, and a very fair grader.
7820003Only had Professor Young for about a month into a quarter before she got swapped out to cover another class. Her testing style is rather different than what you might expect. Don't plan on a good grade on her first test. No real strong "do" or "don't" take opinions.
9520002Dr. Young definately knows her stuff. Even though she seems to be busier then even some of her students! Take her for astronomy, it's a blast and you can really tell she loves it! What other professor lets you run around outside for a day? :)
9120002Seems somewhat disorganized, but relates well to the students in the class. very receptive to questions, comments. Take her class, you'll learn and do well.
9920002I had Dr. Young for Stellar Astronomy and she was a great professor! She taught the material and had plenty of in-class assignmnets and fairly comprehensive homework. She usually assigns a fair amount of homework, but it really helps with the comprehension of the material presented in the course. If you do the homework you will do well in her classes.
8820002Definately a good professor. Lecture formats are good, the only real problem I have with her is how she handles homework, there's both Webassign work and paper work, it becomes confusing at times.
6820002Knows the material but has difficulty getting students to understand it. Feels like she pulls answers out of thin air.
9520002had dr. young for university physics I. i think that she tought the material fairly well, and that the homework assigned reinforced the stuff we needed to know. her tests are HARD, so you cannot depend on an EASY grade, but if you pay attentions occasionaly, and take notes, her class is a breeze to pass, at least with a C, but A's and B's are common!! she is very available outside of class to help with anything, including other physics classes where she is not the professor. great teacher
4820002Horrible teacher, she teaches nothing in class. She doesn't go over any problems or formulas and makes incredibly hard tests, she is really terrible, avoid at all costs!!!
4820001She doesnt do many calculations in class and wastes time covering material everyone understands. She is a nice person but a terrible educator. she doesnt explain the material which is on the test.
8519993She was a pretty good professor. Sometimes a little monotone in voice, but the tests were very fair and if you do the homework and study you ll be fine.