RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Andrew DuBrin

4820023DuBrin is the worst teacher I've had at RIT, he screws people he doesnt like out of points and is full of himself. Horrible Experience be wary
8520023Nice professor, but a little slow. He spreads an hours worth of material into two hours.
8820023His lecture for Organizational Behavior was ok, but he did not always reinforce the book material. He uses videos a lot, but he never manages to get the projector to work... :)
9520023he is very clear and concise about what he expects from the student
9520023This professor gives extra credit and is flexible when handing things in. If you read the book you can get an easy B, for an A you better participate in class.
8120023Dubrin is a nice guy and all but he randomly calls on people in class, and I for one cant stand that cause if you knew the answer you'd raise your hand. The format he uses for his papers are really strict and difficult but he does give a lot of extra credit in the class.