RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Amitabha Ghosh

4820023Ghosh is one of the worst instructors I have ever had anywhere. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt multiple times but in the end he really does suck that bad. His class notes are terrible, he is unorganized on the board, gets bogged down in his own detail and therefore your notes are often useless. He often shows irritation if you don't understand something and doesn't care about students' grades. He has been here far too long and is too set in his ways. He says things will be on tests and then does something a little bit different. Time for Mr. Ghosh to retire from RIT.
4820023STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!! Dr Ghosh is seriously the worst prefessor in the Mechanical Engineering department. He expects students to have already taked classes required for MS/BS students when they are not required for the BS students in the course. My suggestion is to not ask questions in his class because he will spend about half an hour yelling at the class about how we should know the information because it will be on the PE Exam. Terrible board management and actually stated in the class that he does not care about students grades which is reflected in his tests and quizes and 15-25 weekly homework problems.
4820012Ghosh Damm it
9120012Overall a very good professor. Classes can get very repetitive after awhile, as most of the class is just doing practice problems. He does a good job explaining things if you don't understand something and is a very nice guy. Test and quiz questions come directly from the homework and practice problems. He gives solutions to practice problems on his website, however he does give a lot of homework and practice problems, but doesn't grade them. Do the homework and ask questions and it should be an easy A or B
4820012worst teacher ever. not only he can't teach, he gets confused by the student's questions.way too much work for non-ME's.never solves explains problems fully , not even when asked. don't take him ,wait for next quarter to take the class you are going to take with him.NO,REALLY!
6820012Not a very good teacher. He does not complete any examples in class. He is set in his ways. Avoid him if you can.
7120012gets mad when you dont understand things. his examples in class are "just like the hw problems" but i would say otherwise. not that helpful and sometimes wont answer your questions. stay away from him if you can.
9120012He did an alright job of telling us what would be on the tests, class was highly organized, homework was a bit much but I never did it anyway and I did just fine. Final was built to cover the main concepts and not the fine details, which was nice. Pay attention in class, be careful and think things through. People complained about him a lot- the material was a little tough to get used to, but I don't see what all of the fuss was about. It's college, you guys are big kids, right? You all will have extraordinary lives if Ghosh is the most difficult person you encounter.