RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Anthony Ziarnowski

9920023Excellent Intro to Psychology teacher. Even makes 4 hour lectures interesting, also very friendly and helpful. Take him if you can!
9920023Awesome Prof for Intro Psych. He is very experienced and has many many anecdotes to add depth to his lectures. Gives 10 quizzes over the quarter, the lowest quiz grade is replaced by the grade on your 1 page essay (assuming the essay grade is higher). Quizzes come right from his lecture, and are quite easy overall. I found this class to be an easy A even though I only studied the notes for 30-45mins before the class. Textbook isnt needed, he covers the material well enough that you should breeze through with minimal effort. Dont let the 4hr course scare you! Usually lets out early.