RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Anne Haake

9920023Very good teacher. She is very flexable with accepting a little late assignment. Also open mind with understanding our struggle in teamwork. To be honest, it is boring lecture but the exam and so on it is pretty fair and easy.
9920023I had Dr. Haake for Interface Design (4002-425), and I really enjoyed her class and liked her a lot. She gives VERY detailed instructions as to what exactly she's looking for on an assignment... if you do them, you get an A, if not, then you lose points, its that simple. Seriously though, just follow everything she says ("... and this is going to be on the test."), and you'll do great. Also, take the time out to actually talk with her about the subject, this is her bread and butter, so she LOVES talking about HCI and Interface Design stuff no matter when.
9120023For Class 426 Interface Design:
Very nice person, but very demanding when it came to grading of presentations. Was nickeled and dimed to a VERY high B. Excellent grasp of material and very approachable.
7820012It is hard to tell if she knows what she is talking about, or if she is just reading off slides(which is what she does). Her class was fairly boring. She was easy to talk to.
8520012Prof. Haake is a good teacher and seems to know her stuff, though the class (Human Factors) was more boring then sitting in 590 rush hour traffic.
7520012An IT professor that teaches biology? Who would have thunk it? I know that she helped the Bio department out by teached Intro to Developmental Biology while Wanek was on sabbatical, but, as it was once put..."Don't quit your day job."
7520012Way too many notes, makes material even more boring, very hard tests.
7520012Took Haake for Interface Design. She reads completely off the slides. Gives projects and papers, but doesn't grade easy!! i wouldn't recomend taking her cause she is most of all boring.
9520011Haake was a good overall professor. She made the courses interesting even when you didn't want to be there.
8520004Good Teacher, boring class, she did her best to make it interesting, but Interface Design is pretty dry.
8520003Pretty good professor, however the course (Human Factors) itself was lame.
9920003smart caring professor.
loves to teach
9120002She's great, it's just Human Factors and Interface Design that are totally and utterly useless. She can teach, as long as she has her slides, and effectively get the material across, but it's the material that is the problem. She should re-write the course.
7520002Don't know if it was the class material or her teaching, but I felt I learned nothing in Human Factors. She did not appreciate any suggestions that were made to her to help students understand the material. A lot of group work is required for the class. My group did not understand several of her examples. When we asked her to explain the models from start to finsih, she seemed unwilling to do so. she did not seem to like the suggestion that we made to show examples start torinsih, rather than the first and last aprts of the example. She never made it unclear how she got form point A to point Z.
9520002I really like Ann's teaching style. She is very thorough, and she keeps things interesting by using visual aids and having group assignments. Her tests and projects are very fair. She is a very good grader. I will take another class with her!
9120001Good teacher and explains things well. Had her for Human Factors. There was no liveliness in the class. Everyone around was sleeping and she was teaching. Maybe it is the class that was boring...
9120001Understanding and receptive to students. Fair grading. Lectures can often make students fall asleep, though...