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Ratings for Axel-Tobias Schreiner

9920023For C#, he is the best. I wonder if he could offer .NET in near future.
8520023Well organized lectures along with weekly projects (not labs; projects). It seems he does most of his classes as 50% weekly projects, 50% final exam.

Shreiner is hardcore; it is good to take one Shreiner in a particular quarter, but not more than two Shreiner's or you won't get any sleep (assuming you want to pass stuff).
9920023I just changed my vote for this guy, he is improving. I had him last year, and the class was bad. He was unable to teach, very bad. However, this quarter 20023, he has improved. I took him for C#, and he really did an effective job teaching. He went through the material well, and explained things much better than his previous courses. Often times he would assume students knew more than they really did, this time he really 'held our hand' through things, and it helped. This time there were no presentations.. He is really smart, and you should take a course with him just to see what a real CS person is like (aka, not rixner).
6120023want to sleep? don't take this class.

9920023This prof. gives a lot of hard, intense work, and in order to pass the class you have to do a lot of reading on your own. If you do all that, you will learn a ton of useful information about a variety of topics.
4820023Ugh, this guy manages to be amazingly smart but able to teach worth a damn. I took PLC with him and i'm still not sure how i got a passing grade. Assignments are ridiculously hard as is the final.
4820012A horrible teacher. Well, he doesn't actually teach. The only teaching that gets done in the class is by students who do presentations. In PLC, he expects students to learn everything on their own, learn a lot about a language and learn a new one every week. I'm not saying I mind challenging work. However, there has to be reasonable amounts and the professor should at least help you somewhat on a language. The break down of his class is 1) Telling you what he wants of the next assignment 2) Show the answers for the previous assignment and 3) presentations. No real teaching. The minute amount gave bad examples, and was better off not being looked at. The average week broke down at Home to spending hours reading documentation. About. Then you have to try out the language of which he was no help. I'm not complaining about really him not teaching. That is fine as long as you give a reasonable amount of work. His programming assignments were way too long and usually took a few days alone by it self. With 3 other classes, there isn't enough time to complete all the assignments. The programming assignments were on boring, stupid things. I took interest in everything he wanted to show us but there aren't enough hours in a day.

In general, the most horrible Professor, who can not teach subject matter, nor is well planned in class. I don't care if he has a P.h.D. I don't think he should be a professor. Others may disagree but I say avoid him at all costs.
4820012This man is the reason I changed my major this quarter. Any department that lets him teach is a department I refuse to be a part of. He gave horribly difficult assignments, covered up the fact that he can't teach by making us do presentations, and treated students with disrespect. I also felt singled out because I am female. He has no regard for RIT policies and procedures. He does things his way. The final was completely unfair. Check out his old finals and course homepages and see for yourself: www.cs.rit.edu/~ats
6520012- Insufferable attitude
- Rude toward students
- Generally ineffective pedagogy
9920012An excellent professor,
Dr Screiner was the best professor I ever had. I learnt a lot in his class. He taught us how to learn to learn a new language, with the limited resources we have. Before taking the PLC course with him, I thought I knew how to program. On the contrary, I felt that I didn't and I actually learnt to program in his class.
8520012I tend to feel like all the computer science classes here I have taken have been too easy. I actually welcomed the fact that his assignments were not. However, they were very time consuming, which will cause problems for some people. I would have to say that this teacher is going to be one that you are either giong to like or really hate having a class with. His attitude can get annoying, he tends to get rather annoyed when people don't answer questions, or ask questions that should be obvious. If you take a class with him, have a backup plan in case you need to drop the first week (don't wait). Oh yes, one point: The final for PLC was half your grade, and the only test he gave you, it can kill your grade, or boost it a lot. I would suggest reading his tests online to get a feel for it, you only get one shot...
7820012It was nice to have a challenging CS course, but some of the labs he gave were excessively time consuming. Most things that seem obvious to him completely fly by his students and this frustrates him. He doesn't seem to understand his students very well. He's very knowledgeable in the topics covered in PLC, but can seem very arrogant and condescending towards the students. Take him if you want a strong challenge and can put up with his attitude.
5320012I really, really did not like this man. I didn't do very well in the course and I'm sure I'm not the only one. He had very little motivation to teach us, but for some reason felt it was ok to yell at us for not being as smart as he assumed we were. It didn't help that he'd assign an insane amount of homework in languages he didn't teach us. There is no reason this man should ever teach again. If given the option of taking another course with him or delaying my graduation, i'd delay my graduation.
6520012Dr. Schreiner is inteligent but can be very arrogant. His Programming Language Comcepts course was extremely time consuming. The work load brought down all my other courses. I never was able to learn Lisp, Prologue, and several other languages that we studided. We had to learn several languages in weekly and needed to be proficient in them for the homework. More than 50% of the original class dropped this course. I made the mistake of staying in it. With a nice cure my F became a C
4820012Dr. Schreiner's behavior is unacceptable of an RIT professor. Despite getting an “A”, his PLC class was my worst college experience. He’s a bad person, and an even worse teacher. He is constantly arrogant, condescending and disrespectful towards students. Assignments are vague, and grading incredibly harsh. He insults students who ask questions. The only people who liked him were themselves the most arrogant and elitist CS majors I know. Lectures consist of chained together insults with occasional arrogant comments. You learn nothing. He requires about 15hrs a week on “simple” assignments, and gives only a final on untaught material. He takes pleasure from singling out students that are not white and not male with his condescending remarks. It’s ironic he regularly says, “weeding out the weak ones” when it’s hard to name more than 2 other CS prof’s that are worse than him. Avoid Schreiner; he is a mean person, awful teacher, will cause incredible stress and anger, and you won’t learn anything.
6120012He gives the appearance that he really knows his stuff, he just can't/ won't communicate it. The structure to his PLC class was non-existent; it was just about impossible to take any notes. Then there were those wonderful programming projects; a new one each week on a new language that he didn't provide any information on. (I will give him this... he did respond to e-mail pretty quickly, but the response was pretty much always "go look it up yourself" or "you should already know this"). Make sure you know Java, he has a thing for it, even wrote a new language in it (WHY???!!!) for us to struggle through. If your a CE don't bother trying the class; he assumes that you've had a bunch of CS theory courses. The final, the only test he ever gave, was bar none the worst thing I have ever taken. Its awfully hard to remember the exact syntax and quirks to 12 or 13 new languages that you basically had to teach yourself over the prior 10 weeks. I would strongly recommend to avoid at all costs.
9920012One of the best professor of computer science department. I have taken 2 courses with him and both taught me great stuff. I wish I could take all the subjects from him :-)
Yeah his assignments will kill u but then that's the way u learn!
4820012This man is horrible. I had to switch to another PLC just to escape the man. If you don't know everything about java, be prepared to feel like a fool. If you ask questions, be prepared to feel worse. The homework was ridiculous. I hate this man with a passion. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!
9520012I read everyone else's comments and I think that they just couldn't take his personality. That's what it's like in the "real world" and you're gonna have to get used to people criticizing your work. He didn't do this in a mean way.. just a way to show you that there are better ways to do things. I learned an exceptional amount from him in his XML course and would take another class with him again. You have to ask questions to stay on top or else you will fall far behind.