RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Andreas Savakis

8820012As a professor, he is very good. Exceptional teaching skills. But as a Department Head, poor performance. Lacks instant decision skills (very diplomatic) and low Turn Around Time.
9920003never had him for a teacher, but doing a great work in the department. good luck.
9920003Excellent teacher. Knows his stuff inside and out. Very easy to approach for help, or just for a chat. I would gladly take another course taught by Dr. Savakis!
9920003One of the best professors I've had at RIT.
9520002Cool guy. Now he's Dept Head. Very straightforward, makes the material easy to understand, and grades on your understanding of the material (a good thing!). I had him for LCS, and the tests were open book.
9920002The best teacher I've ever had. VERY caring teacher. He wants you to learn everything and will take the time needed so you learn it well. Best move possible making him the CE department head.