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Ratings for Arthur Kovacs

4820023this guy needs to kill himself and make the world a better place. this man is about as gentle-hearted as osama bin laden.
4820023I'm giving him a F- just because he sounds so bad! Kovacs, you suck, I hope you are fired.
5320011To sum it all up:
There are only 20-some Physics majors in the entirety of RIT, and he doesn't even know who I am, being one of only 10 first-year Physics majors. He wanted 2 leave of absence letters proving that my grandmother had died, since I missed scheduling to go to her funeral, then accused me of lying about it! He is quite stubborn when it comes to changing your schedule. He refuses to reschedule people out of his Physics classes. He is arrogant and ignorant to the students' needs, even ones from his own department.
4820011Is the storys TRUE that he yells at students just for asking to be put in classes?
4820011F%CKIN A-HOLE
4820011I don't know this guy and I hope I never will but judging from the comments made on this so called professor it's clear that he's justa plain a$$hole.
4820003Send him to a isolated island in the world- Pitcarin Island.
4820003Fairly easy tests, the class wasn't that hard. But the man has an attitude problem and treats students improperly. Myself and my friends have suffered nothing but insults to our intelligence and character from the man. He accused my roomate of being "functionally illiterate" due to a scheduling conflict! Avoid him if at all possible.
9920003This is Felipe Giraldo, Student Gov't President this year, how exciting, well anyway- just want to drop my two cents on Kovacs. I assume the institute realizes he is a problem faculty, can't touch him though I'm guessing for him being tenured or fear of him chewing there head off like he does to students. Advice: First sign of him being an ass to you- Go to THE STUDENT OMBUDS office in the RITreat in the SAU. LEt them know time after time how this uhm...."gentlemen" treats strudents and humiliates students. Its sad to think that for him to get be Dept Head he must have had SOME sort of good in him. Kovacs, I hate you from the bottom of my heart, few people i hate in this world like that man. Have a nice day. Gave you an A+ for managing to get dept head, how did you do it?
4820003This man is a disgrace to the teaching profession. He is a wretched man, that treats his students with disdain and malevolence. I don't care if this man has a PHD or Tenure. He should be thrown out of RIT for crimes against his students. I have had friends that left his office crying. I personally watched him verbally abuse his secretary, for a simple mistake. I can only assume that he enjoys destroying the hopes and asspirations of the students he teaches. I hadn't seen EVIL till I met this man.
4820003First, this individual needs to learn some manners. Second, he needs to learn how to deal with students. Third, he is not a teacher, he is physicist with a dirty mouth. It seems to me that this guy had a really tough childhood because he is totally unable to effectively communicate with anybody in and out of the classroom setting. It seems to me that his parents never talked to him in a normal way and he picked this up and now we are all seeing the results of it. I have no idea how someone who has absolutely no respect for students can be a professor, even more the head of a department at such a prestigious institution. This guy has a lot of issues he needs to resolve, I feel sorry for his wife, that's if he has any; I don't know what kind of person could stand him for a long time.
4820003This is about his skills as a department head, not a teacher, but I figure they are relevant. I went in to see if I could take Physics II over the summer, and he acted like every second he spent with me was a complete waste of time. after giving me attitude about only coming in with couarse descriptions from the schools I wanted to take the class at, he told me to leave. The only thing he was thinking about was finishing the box of doghnuts he had. This is not a fat joke, he kept on eating while he was taking to me.
4820003This guy is one fat mothaphucka!!!!
4820003Not a nice guy.
7120003Hi this is someone who will remain anonymous and still follow all the RIT rules and regulations (as represented by this site) while exploiting the RIT Professor Evaluation System. First I’d like to say our “president” (that would be President Felipe Giraldo) in his comments below is doing the same thing as I am, using this site to make a point. His grade of “A+” is no reflection on how he would rate professor Kovacs. In any event, what I really want to talk about is Student Government – or should I say some higher up individuals in SG who often act short sited with only the concern of themselves. They recklessly use technology, doing nothing good and are very SLOW, yes, VERY SLOW to realize the errors in their ways. I don’t want to name names here (although I probably should considering this is a naming site) cause I’m nice but I will say they are high up in office. To summarize, some people high up in SG are slow, uncaring, unkind, not open to alternatives, don’t deal with outside people very well, incompetent and arrogant. Guess your basic run of the mills idiots who should never have been admitted to RIT in the first place. You SUCK, go away filth!! I would like to see a lot of you LEAVE office immediately! Oh, anyone who may be reading this and one of these pathetic people – if you are offended by what I wrote, if it makes you angry or upset, join the club buddies. Cause without even knowing it, you made this club. LEAVE OFFICE cause you are losers and suck !!! (hats off to the student senate though, you people a cool, many of you actually care). Hey SG people, I think my point has been made. Have a nice day.
6520003I have never had this GENTLEMAN for class only for class scheduleing but he is extremly difficult to communitcate with and continuoulsly wakes on the wrong side of the bed!! BEWARE!!
4820003I have just one thing to say. Where does RIT find these people. I mean this man is one lame son-of-a-...Anyway, I had to go talk with him once and he just chewed me out for almost an hour. He tried to belittle me let me tell you something, this guy isn't even smart. Sure he might have a PhD (Actually I‘m not even sure he does. Most of the ones that talk big (Schey, you know what I mean.) don’t) but he was one of those who has to put in 40 hours a week per course just to pull a B+. No offence to those who do but I’m sure you wouldn’t act as arrogant. Secondly why can’t the administration see just how much of a pr%k this guy is. I mean their must be a line of physics majors out there who would like to be head of RIT’s department including those already here. I’m sure any of them could do a much better job and students would be happier.
4820003I have never had this incompetent, pompous, arrogant, waste of space (and that is a lot of space) for a prof. There is no reason this blob should be the department head. I know for a fact that he is one of the most hated faculty memebers on campus by both students and faculty. He did not make enough lab spots for the number of students in the lectures. When i tried to tell him i needed to get into a lab section he told me "Sit down. Hurry up. I dont have time for your petty scheduling difficulties." When i was finished trying to schedule a lab section, i immediately went to the dean of students and filed an official complaint. I had to go back to speak with this man each time i took a physics class because he was unprepared for the number of students taking the class. If you dont get anywhere withhim, just tell him off and walk proud. If he so much as raises his voice to you please file a complaint. Any petitions to have him removed let me know...
4820002I went to ask him questions, and he really didnt care what I had to say. Blew me off, he is an evil EVIL old man. Without us (read: students) you wouldnt have a job.
4820002In all of my life, I have never met someone so condecending and pompous. Perhaps he thinks berating students for the first twenty minutes of each class is a useful teaching tool, I disagree. And of course, openly mocking those students who ask questions is always a help. If you are signed up for a class with him, and can't get into another, wait til next quarter to take the class. Trust me. Were he not the head of my department, I would gladly tell him off at the end of the quater. Mayhap I will anyway.
4820002Walking refridgerator!!!
4820002i went to his office for a schedule change and he destroyed my add/drop form!!! what is this man's problem!?
4820002Did you ever see the movie - "The Blob"?
6120002When the time arose to make a course change due to a conflict, Dr. Kovacs was rude and inconsiderate, at first not allowing the change. His attitude was that I had signed up for it, so therefore I was stuck with it. After a few minutes talking with him, he made the change, but told me never to come back again.
4820002he has no regards towards the students what so ever! he's the meanest "faculty head" on RIT! should be sent to work in some excluded lab in the south pole with no human contact what so ever.
4820002Probably the meanest person I have met. He started yelling at me before I entered the room. Lookout!
4820002He's horrendous.
6520002I've not had a class with him. I wouldn't think of doing that. I only met with him because he was head of the physics department... and I need to be added to a Physics lab. He doesn't have any sense of respect for anybody! I have not heard ONE good thing about him from anybody.
4820001We're missing a few minus signs there. If it was a digital score, it'd be a 0. All he does is bash the class, and makes it more of a place of survival, instead of learning. He has no interest in the students, and is unfit to be a professor here at RIT, or anywhere for that matter. I have also spoken with the dean of COS, and they have recieved many complaints; I await the day when they remove him from RIT. Perhaps his best job would be as a prison guard.

As for the petition in the above post, PLEASE, somebody start one! I'll be in line, and I know there WILL be a line!
4820001Pathetic attempt to teach physics. All he does is blabber and tells us how disapointed he is. His test are too long and there is not enough time to finish. Now I gotta take physics again because of his lack of teaching skills. STAY AWAY AT ALL COST.
4820001I don't know why Dr. Simone is still keeping this guy in that position?!!!!
4820001The man is sooooo insulting and arrogant it's hardly believable. His explanations are wild and don't make much sense, and it dosn't help that it's very difficult to read his writing (V's look exactly like U's). He spends a good portion of each class period yelling at us about how dumb we are... "I know none of you in here really understand this..." and things like that. He's aslo very unreasonable if you try to talk to him.
4819994I would never take any classes with him. I have two things to say about him:
1) I have a friend who is right now taking Kovacs and it seems like he is being punished by being in his class.

2) When I tried to change the session of my class he treated me like as if I had done something very wrong by walking in his office. I ve never felt so insulted by a professor in my life. I don t understand how can someone like him even get to the position of department head.
6519993From his teaching methods, it seems as if he expects you to already understand material that you haven t even learned yet
4819993Terrible prof, if you could even call him a professor. He did nothing which remotely resembled teaching. Class consisted of him reading the book aloud to the class.
6119993I have two things to say about this guy 1) when he waddles down the hall, the floor shakes 2) when i tried to get help scheduling a class, he treated me like a piece of meat
6119993Stay away