RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Barbara Birkett

9920011great professor, she gives every student the time of day and is really approachable.
7520011It seems like she has no clue when it comes to the students' workloads sometimes. In Leadership, she assigns a number of books and even though we didn't even get to one of them, she still put essay questions about it on our final. The next quarter, she added yet ANOTHER book, even though our class hadn't been able to get through all of the books the quarter before. She spent a large amount of the Leadership class doing presentations, which I felt would have been more appropriate had it been a class in public speaking.
9920003Best Professor!!!
Very Helpfull and easy to understand. Always available to her students. Very concerned about her students and their understanding the material. A+ vote. Highly recomended!!!!
9920003Not only a great teacher, but a really good friend. I would recommend her to anyone that has time to take one of her courses.
9920002She always goes out of her way to make sure her students are alright in everyway.
9120002Goes well beyond the call of duty to make sure you know the material. Has amazing patience and a good working knowledge of the printing industry. Very fair in her grading practices.
9920001Birkette is simply wonderful, a Godsent. One thing though, she is BUSY!