RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Barbara Maccameron

6520023This teacher "lost" an in-class essay I wrote. Deliberately? I don't know. But, I know that she is somewhat unorganized. However, she is thought provoking and teaches Shakespeare well.
5320023I must say that this professor is one of the worst that I have ever had at RIT. Yes, her quizes are easy, but that is the only positive aspect of the class. Her lectures are more filled with "political commericals" about irrelevant topics, than with actual literature. Unless you share the same idealist fictional beliefs that this woman has steer clear of this professor. Also, if you even think about speaking up against her, she will get very defensive and do everything in her power to make the class unenjoyable for you.
7520012The quizzes aren't too bad, but if you don't like poetry then I have to tell you to steer clear of her because it's pretty rough. Otherwise she was a great teacher of the drama portion of our writing and lit 2 class and I can recommend her for that, just watch out for the poetry. I am a fairly decent writer and I got B+'s and A's on all of my essays.
9920012Very nice. Easy Quizzes. Great Professor. calls herself "product of the 1960's" hahaha
6520011VERY HARD on ESSAYS. If you read the text, the quizes are very easy.
Not easy to get an A in her class. You have to really really bend your back to get one.
8820003Easy quizzes. Harder on the essays. Likes to discuss her opinions in literature. Overall, she is very enjoyable. Likes get to know students one on one.
7520002she knows what she's talking about but she often reads into material far too much and frequently tells students their opinions are out-and-out wrong. boring lectures and tedious assignments are also a part of her writing & lit 1 and 2 courses.
9520002Discussions tend to turn into lectures giving her opinion of the work rather than encouraging you to form your own. However, she is open to discussing varying opinions if you're willing to speak up. Enjoys getting to know students one on one, and is always available to provide help writing papers. No tests, just give-away quizzes and some moderate papers. Overall enjoyable teacher.
8120002Comes down heavy handed on grading through out the quarter, but was generaly fair on the final grade. Doesn't take too well to opinions contrasting hers. Once accused me of making up a word. Check the dictionary, "vanguard."
9520002Good teacher. I think she is a drug addict, but fairly easly to get an A in her class. She makes what is ussually a boring subject (Writing and Lit.) very interesting.
8520002She is a very sweet teacher, and teaches really well too, the only problem to not get an A in her class is that she is strict correcting the essays, but easy quizzes and easy B too.