RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Bruce Oliver

8520023I think some of the comments on here definetly do come down a little hard on this guy. I will say this-- In Professor Oliver's financial accounting class YOU ABSOLUTLY MUST READ THE ASSIGNED CHAPTERS FROM THE TEXT. If you do the reading, his tests are basically just replica problems from the homework. He gives a project which is not at all by any means unfair. I also found him to be very useful outside of class if I needed help on a confusing topic. Overall, I would say if you are the type of person who relies heavily on the teacher to understand the material, avoid him. If you don't mind doing some reading then i would not hesitate to take him.
5820023Not the worst teacher I've had at RIT - but I would stay away. His teaching methods leave something to be desired. Exams overly difficult and does not explain material clearly.
5320023I dread going to class because of him. He has this cocky attitude always puts people on the spot with random questions. His tests are decent but he's not good at teaching.
4820023This teacher was the absolutely WORST teacher I have ever had at my time at RIT. If you would like to actually LEARN anything, then he's not the teacher to have. He does not teach, his tests are unreasonable hard, and he is a nasty lil man. I do not know how RIT even employed him in the first place, he should not be working as a teacher AT ALL. He is horrible, he makes his students feel stupid, he puts you on the spot, he picks on you, he doesn't actually teach anything, you need to teach yourself EVERYTHING. He does not give examples or extra help or ANYTHING. If you are not a genius when it comes to accounting and you would like to actually pass the class, pass on this teacher b/c he's horrible.
7820023As a teacher, he is OK, but as a person, he is below grade. He nakedly gawks & gives preferences to his favorite students in the class. I didn't feel he is a descent person.
9120023Financial Accounting - He explained relatively well. His exams are easy if you study from the book and study guide. Accounting is common sense, so if you do your reading then it is easy.
8520023Pretty good at teaching financial accounting. Tests are fair and cover all class material. Not as mean as he seems once you talk to him.
7520012Dr. Oliver doesn't go over all the material on his exams so reading is essential. People usually do so badly that he has to give a minimum 10 pt curve on his exams.
8520012Dr. Oliver made accounting a little easier, considering the book he uses is next to impossible to understand. He has a lot of patience and very willing to help you in class or out. His exams are difficult, yet he places a significant curve on most exams. Read the book, pay attention in class, and practice!
6820003could do with more explanation and less talk
9520003Doesn't really explain information well, you basically have to teach yourself.
7119993Very boring and more explanation of information