RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Bhalchandra Karlekar

7820003Had Dr. Karlekar a few years back for Thermodynamics. He assigned A LOT of homework (long writeups twice a week). He was a bit impatient with the Deaf student in our class who had a lot of trouble understanding him because of his accent. I received a C in his class.
7120003knows his stuff, but doesn't teach very well. not all that helpful outside of class either.
9920002Dr. K is an excelent teacher. I've had him for 2 classes now and learned quite a bit. He presents the material very well. He always has great handouts that are a tremendous help with the homework assignments. He is not al that interested that you can come up with the right numbers. He stresses the need to understand the meaning of your answers in any of his assignments. be prepaired though...his homework will take forever but it is not too difficult. I would take a class with Dr. Karlekar whenever possible. -#J.B.
8820002Great professor, but slightly disorganized in presentation. Very helpful outside of class.
7820002microsoft excel wasn't ment to do the things Dr. K makes it do, damn.
the homework takes the longest time and is confusing more often than not.
Prob solving is a boring class and is kind of miss directed but i have no problem with the teacher himself. heard that he is helpful out of class.