RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Bernice Kastner

4820003This is the worst professor in the world, if you are smart, you wouldnt take her. The total number of students in the begining was 35. After mid quarter half droped out and half was failing. When the end of the quarter came, there was about 10 people left in the class and half of those people were failing as well
6120001Dr. Kastner is a very nice lady, and is incredibly intelligent, however, she has great difficulty teaching. She is used to doing research work where everything is numbers and formulas and notation. So, this is how she teaches the class; by throwing numbers and formulas and notations up on the board. If you learn best by this method, then by all means, take her next quarter. However, if you learn better by seeing pictures, graphs, and the relavence to real life, make another selection.