RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Brian Schroeder

9920023he really wants his students to learn. encourages discussion in class, and relies on writing assignments to test your understanding. i found his class to be very enjoyable and well organized.
9120023He's a little dull in lecture, saying he wants you to do the talking, but it doesn't end up that way. Either way, he can be very thought provoking and I learned a great amount from his class just through listening to him. He does more than just read and dictate to you, he synthesizes ideas and tries to help you understand what the philosophers you study are really all about. Tests are kind of hard, lots of multiple choice, true false. Overall a good professor to take.
9520023I had him for Intro to Philosophy. He was a really interesting teacher. He had good stories, and seemed interested in having students learn. There were only two tests, the first a takehome, the second was takehome essays and inclass for the rest.
8820012A solid Philosophy professor. No complaints.
9920011I had him for critical thinking, and he is a great professor. He encourages discussion in the class, and is a fair grade. He has made me really think about my life critically, and I have changed my way of thinking and way that I discuss issues. I definitely recommend this professor.
7520011Absolutely dull in lecture. Tests are difficult and he grades harshly. Avoid if possible.