RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Carl Lundgren

9520023Really nice guy, but lacks organization. Overall he is a great instructor for learning.
9520023One of my favorite teachers. He does ramble a bit, but he will bend over backwards to help any student who seeks it. Take him for anything you can get.
9520023Helps students any time he can
7520023Nothin special... He talks a lot. Not necessarily teaching.
9920023Lundgren is the man! Take him whenever possible. Will not only bend over backwards to help students, but also stand on his head and do quadruple summersaults to help all his students succeed.
9920012what can i say he is Mr. MET the best there is. Take him whenever possible this guy loves his job.
9920012The best a teacher could be.
9920012Great teacher. Really knows his $hit.