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Ratings for Carlos Ferran-Urdaneta

5320023Very unclear about assignments, doesn't answer questions well at all if he even makes an attempt to answer them. He is by far the absolute worst professor at RIT. I do not recomend him to anyone.
4820023All this is true, I had him for DBMS and i dropped out because he was such a horrible teacher
4820023His grading system is a joke! Not to mention, how he grades people's papers. The only common sense here is to answer his questions and he just makes some excuses to ask students for more details.

He thinks he is Mr. Know it all. He's a joke across the campus!
4820023He has no clue what he is talking about. He was not able to answer questions that he put on the test. Now i'm paying all this money for a teacher that doesnt know what he's talking about??? Something is a little on the messed up side!!!!
4820012Statement: What I said here are absolutely fair and true based on my miserable experience. If you disagree, forget it.


1) He doesn't care about students at all. He seldomly prepares for class.

2) Everything he said is RIGHT, no exception.

3) Don't say "no" to him, if you did, you gonna fail this course.

4) He can't teach you anything but only knows how to blame you.

5)At least 50% of his test has nothing to do with your course. For example, you don't need to know the concepts in a textbook but need to remember a robot's name.

6)His standard and expectation keep changing all along. So how are you going to prepare for the project and exams?

7) Does not have any patience on male student, but can always talk with female students without stopping.
4820012I took MISC (grad) with him the first time he taught it in the fall. It was by far the most awful experience I've had of any COB professor, even worse than Lessard, even worse than Jacques-ass. He didn't tell anyone how much our final was worth towards our total grade (which I'm told actually ended up to be over 80%) WTF?!
4820012I realize by now that if this evaluation makes it up on the screen that i wouldnt be able to say anything that others havent already stated.

However, in order to provide some closure to my truamatic experience i felt it necessary to vent some frustrations.

If you enjoy the impact from falling off a 15 story building - take this teacher

If you enjoy the occasional beating - take this teacher

If your idea of fun is getting constantly kicked in the balls, for four hours once a week - please, by all means, TAKE THIS CLASS

6520012DBMS - 20002: Weak professor who actually thought he was doing a good job. He tried to take points away on test for wrong answers. The problem was he took more points away then the question was worth. Ferran kept refereing to how things are in the "real world". Like many professors, he completely acted as if his class was the only one we had. The final project had high expectations. Majority of the requirements in the project were not even mentioned in class. When one asked him about it, he said, "you to need to learn that yourself by looking it up." Even when he tried to address questions about the project, he had to look it up and get back to us.
Once again, this proves that RIT should have an New Professor Seminar to hlpe them improve their teaching skills.
4820012Up untill I had this professor I had confidence in the quality of instruction I was recieving through the MIS department. I can honestly say I have doubts about the people we put in charge of recruiting professors. I think I am more unfourtunate than most, I had him the first quater he was here. We went to the Dean for help, but it obvisouly didn't help. The worst professor I have ever had, period!
5820012I usually leave only good messages about professors, but this is an exception. I am so happy that I won't meet him again. This guy might know his stuff and have good education, but it's not much help to the students. Grading is something nobody understands, including himslef.
4820011i give him the lowest grade possible for being horrible to understand, not willing to help his students and a complete ****. also very unsympathetic, i left home when my father died and he wouldnt let me make up a quiz i missed. on top of it he lost one of my homeworks and told me that it was my fault for not being there when he asked for it.
4820011He is the worst teacher I've had in 4 years in the MIS program. I can not believe that the department has allowed him to teach even though they must know through teacher evaluations that he is horrible. It is unfortunate that we as students must take a class with such a horrid teacher and that they, the College of Business, will not do anything about it. He really puts a blemish on the MIS department which generally has some very good professors.
4820011He is the worst professor i have ever had. I can't even tell you all how bad he sucks. His project is way too demanding and he doesn't even teach in class how we are supposed to dot he damn thing and nobody cares if he drops the lowest grade. We don't learn **** in his class and he is the most inconsiderate human being I have ever met. I hope RIT will realize some day and hire someone better to teach the course.
5320011I agree with almost all of what has been said here. His tests are nearly impossible, and the stress that is being created while trying to finish this project is immense. He seems annoyed when I try to come to him for advice and extra help. He is also impatient, even during office hours! Overall, if you can avoid this guy, please do so. He has received my lowest ranking, even lower than Woerheide.
4820011The worst teacher I have had in MIS. We are required to do a final project in MS Access which was never taught to us before. We are expected to finish this project by learning access on our own, and we are told that this is not a course in Access. Sure the lowest grade is dropped, but I learned nothing out of the class. Tests are horrible, his questions in class are vague. He'll ask us a question we don't know the answer to, and then teach us the material we needed to answer it. Oh and appearance, plz button your shirt.
4820011Expects graduate level learning at undergraduate level. Assigns a project, you might pass if you only registered for DBMS and then worked on it 40 hours a week for 10 weeks. Not a usefull resource. Will answer your question with a question expecting you to know the answer to your question...make any sense...well that's how his whole class feels
4820003The general teaching style was poor right from the start of the class. The instructor never gave students a Formal Syllabus, instead used a website. The project requirements were so vague until the end of the class that completing the project with all requirements is nearly impossible. The exams are seem to show a lack of effort, on the part of the instructor, to find good questions that test the core knowledge of the course. In addition this instructor should learn physical appearance is important (Button your shirt). Over all I would recommend not taking a class with this instructor, you are better off reading a good book on the topic than taking this class.
4820003How many F's does it take...This system need reporting of worst ratings, best review etc..This guy would be #1 F-man.
4820003honestly ferran is an a******. He seems to be happy now because some people did good on his test but he doesn't even care about those who are struggling in the class. His answer to those doing bad in the class is, "well the lowest grade will be dropped". I really don't care if the lowest grade will be dropped i want to f***** learn. RIT needs to do a better job in hiring professors.
(a good professor for example is perrotti; I have learned so much in his class.)
5320002Ferran is the worst professor I've had in since I've been at RIT. He isn't in touch with student needs, is unable to relate, and is, overall, an unfair professor. I would suggest anyone that has to take dbms take it with the IT department.
4820002I realy wish RIT would stop hiring terrible professors!!
7120002He has improved from last quarter. even though I am failing, he did try to help. The project was too indepth and he requires too much from teaching so little. The project took up most if not all my class study time that could have been used to study for the exams. Whaich most of the class failed. He expects too much, too fast and on so little time.
4820002His project was way too demanding for a class in which most of the students have not worked with databases too much. You know a teacher is bad when the WHOLE CLASS IS GETTING A D.
5320002SHOOT ME, SHOOT ME NOW!Does Ferran not know how to TEACH, but he knows how to read from the book pretty well! He's not very easy to find out of class, horrible tests! Get some real teachers that actually care about the students!
4820002the worst teacher i have had at rit
4820002He had assumptions that the class was all upperclassman and that we all had accounting courses. He was not very helpful when I didn't understand him. I would ask him to come to my computer to show me what I was doing wrong but he refused. NOT A GOOD PROF. AT ALL. He told us that he would make up words because english is not his first language. what kind of teacher is that. DO NOT TAKE THIS TEACHER. The final project was so vague. He said to print out at least four good pages of the project. So we asked, what are "good" pages to you. He said, "Just good pages." Oh thanks alot, that really helped!!
4820002He rally sucks...why is he even here???
4820002he has to put in a curve so big that you pretty much pass if you get a 15% in the class without the curve
5320002The Tests are way above what the course work he is teaching!!
5320002Project is way too much for students who's only experience with access and databases are from this class. Professor is very strict with the grading and his tests are almost SAT like in nature.