RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Catherine Irving

9520023Great teacher, explains things thoroughly and knows the content of the course. Plus a laid back fun environment.
9920023Good teacher. She explains the material very clearly and answer to questions as best as she could. I would recommend her for HCI2.
4820023Worst teacher evar.
9920023Great professor, unfortunately she teaches one of the most boring classes ever (Needs Assessment) This prof is fair and will to help the student. Knowledgeable and funny. Some people make a big deal out of the fact that she is deaf, but It is definately NOT an issue that affects her teaching.
9920023Great teacher! She wants you to succeed in class. Great for HCI:2. Works a lot with you. Fully recommended!
9520023Interesting professor. Knows what she's talking about and runs a laid back class. I recommend her classes for HCI2.
8820023Does a pretty good job at teaching you what she has to, it just so happens that interface design stuff isn't that exciting to begin with. Sometimes I found myself doing some pointless exercises but overall I would reccommend her.
9920012A very engaging teacher. Offers the fairest test system available. Basically she understands that everyone learns different, so give a large test filled with multiple choice and free answer. The trick is that you only have to do half of it, and can choose which pages you want to do. A really good system. Her lectures are also very engaging, often with interesting visual aides. All slides are offered online AND she brings printouts for every student at the beginning of week. Finally, she is understanding to max about late papers.
Phew, thats all. Oh yeah, take her :)
8820012Nice lady. Very nice to work with, but the overall class content was kinda lacking.
She went over the material well and answered questions to the best of her ability.
I'd take a class with her again.
9120012When I first got to class I noticed that professor Irving was partially deaf. I was a bit uneasy at first, because I thought I might not be able to communicate well enough and it might affect my understanding of the course. However this turned out to be an exteremely wrong mindset... Professor Irving is a great teacher who understands her students. She is lenient about late assignments and her tests are really fair. You pick the sections you want to do for crying out loud! My only complaints are that she grades a bit harsh and she is a little too pro Canada, and that's just freaky!
9120012Excellent teacher. I was a bit frightened on the first day when i found out she was deaf, as i thought i may have a hard time communicating with her. This was not the case. Not only is she remarkable in her lip reading, but she has a good sense of humor and is very understanding when it comes to questions and concerns about your assignments. I would definately take her for another course and i recommend her to others.