RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Stan Hoi

5320023I did not care for professor Hoi at all. I am at the end up the program and he was the worst teacher I had. His tests did not reflect what he taught in class. He seemed indifferent to his students when discussing subjects one-on-one. I work full time and have no problem with working hard as I have many times in the past. He was just a terrible teacher-My opinion-he should stick to teacher undergrad courses.
7120023Proffesor isn't horrible, however Finance 2 is a repeat of Finance 1. He doesn't give you any questions that can help you. His lectures are boring, and he showed that he was very lazy by not showing up to his office hours consistently. Finance a easy subject, however he makes it hard by not preparing you.
9920003some students struggle because , they find it difficult to comprehend the same material from 3 different sources.
i.e the text book , the notes and the class

everything is so different ...if i had to compare him with prof..mattice of the stats class who uses the text book example in his notes and in class lecture ...i wuld think he does a better job in satisfying al students then prof. hoi

still not to take away anything from him. he is a great prof, totally in command of his subject
9520003Did an excellent job teaching Finance II. This class is the most difficult in the finance program by far, and Dr. Hoi does a great job with the subject matter. I found people frustrated with this class were not used to such rigorous material.
6520002I received an A in this class and am still not impressed with his teaching skills. He has no clear path to the topics he is discussing that day. He moves much too quickly and can at times jump from one part of the problem to another part without finishing the explination that is needed. I do not believe that he even looked at the text that he is using. The book is very confusing and the work problems are not clearly explained. The review book that goes along with the text is also poorly explained. Also, when you go in for help he is very defensive about the grade he has given trying only to see his view and not even allowing you to explain the way you were giving your answer. At times he can confuse topics and do his math incorrectly (by going too fast) which then confuses the class. The class that I took from him is Fin 2 in the MBA program
9920001Awesome professor.
clarifies each and every concept in class. lot of fun.