RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Charles Boyd

9520004I've had Charlie before, in a couple of classes. Yes, he's been sick alot recently, but if you actually knew why.. then you'd shut your trap.. I always liked him. He does on ocassions target someone for something.. but thats usually after he's been studying the behavior of that individual. I always enjoy his classes as a freshman, and when I saw him for his class this past year, I was happy to have known him. He has a gentlness to him, and is well versed in the equipment that he usues and teaches with. I hope he gets well, and is able to return.
9520003My experience with Charlie has always been positive. He took extra time to help me get my edits right, and has always been sensitive to my needs as a student. Apparently he's on indefinite leave from RIT, but I'll be sad to see him go.
9920002Charlie is a great professor that i learned more from in 1 quarter then in the previous 2 years at RIT. He doesn't call his 16 sync class "film boot camp" for no reason. Some people can't hack the class and instead choose to berate the professor instead of their own inadequacies. Though he is sick sometimes, it's not all the time. After all, he's only human. When he is sick he has very knowledgable TA's to take his position. Most of the time Charlie only needs to be there to critique the student's work because most of the class time is dedicated to shooting which Charlie wouldn't be there for anyway unless a problem arose. Overall, Charlie is the greatest professors at RIT, he is knowledgeable about all aspects of filmmaking and is a nice person to talk with outside of the classroom.
5320002Terrible professor. Doesn't care about the students AT ALL! He's only here for a steady job. Avoid his classes. PLus he's always sick, so you learn nothing anyways.
5320002This professor was biased to me. I wore a hat to class, and he judged me on it. On top of that, I was on Long Island one weekend, and I was traveling back up to Rochester that Sunday. We shredded a tire, and couldn't get to Rochester. I sent Charlie an email telling him why I couldn't make it, and he disregarded it. I got a D in Creative Processes because of that event.