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Ratings for Carl Lutzer

9120023I have taken Calculus III with Dr. Lutzer and I am considering taking IV with him as well. His tests are difficult but fair and require a *thorough understanding of the concepts*. The harder you work in his class, the better you will do. Class is a straight lecture where it is sometimes difficult to keep up, but if you ask a question he will pause to sufficiently answer it.
6820023There is no doubt in my mind that professor Lutzer is a great guy. He's funny and makes people laugh and is generally a joy to be around but that's not the type of thing that should be given good reviews on the Eval System. I think that his biggest problem is that he is so unbelieveably good at what he does that he loses touch with the student. I found it difficult to follow lecture, and doing homework (which is always graded) without relearning it out of the book was nearly impossible. His projects and tests are unbelieveably difficult and based on multiple concepts at once. There is no reason that I should loose half the points on a full page question because I forgot to put the arrows on my graph.

Plan on spending lots of time on Calculus if you want a B and always be ready for that weekly pop quiz, because it's at the end of the class and usually a killer. If you get a 79 in the course you get a C no matter how hard you worked, there is no bending whatsoever.

Great man, difficult teacher.. if math comes abnormally naturally to you then I suggest taking him.... otherwise find someone else.
4820023He writes down endless amounts of information without informing the class of where he is going. He is at office hours, but you better wait in line. He works you harder than anybody ese, and teaches material that no other professor does, so you better pass the course because retaking the course with another professor will be completely different. Someone who got an A with Bautists got an F with Lutzer, and the material for the courses were related. ALso if you put in all the work and fall short of the higher grade, it doesn't maatter to him a 79 is just as good as a 70 and 20% worse than 80 (according to RITs ABCDF standard)
9520023he explain caculus very lucid, he is the best calculus teacher i have ever had.and he is very kind to me as an international student who doesnt know much about english.besides , he write a lot on the white board in every class, this is especially good for me.
9920023Lutzer is a great teacher. His presentation is very lucid, and he never fails to come up with problems and examples which convey not only the "how" of the topic, but also the "why". While you'll not get an A for warming a seat four hours a week, if you put a decent amount of thought and sweat into the class, you should do fine. If you want to learn the subject well, take Lutzer.
9520023Prof Lutzer is a great professor. He is young, energetic, and cracks jokes frequently during class. Just ask my Calc I class what the derivative of e to teh X is and you will get a resounding answer. His quizzes and tests are very hard, needing applications of several different concepts at once, but I would attribute that to the Math department, not to him. Probably one of the better teachers to have for Calc.
7120023Insanely harsh questions. Would teach simplistic problems to class, then test on really difficult ones that were not asked about in class. Nice guy, but OUCH!
9520023He knows his stuff but he goes a little quick durring lectures. He is willing to help when you need it.
8120012If you want to get a B in his class you have to go to office hours. If you ask the right questions he will tell you exactly what is on the test.
7520012good and funny and teaches very well but the reason i got C is his term project and hard tests and homeworks. the grading is bad.. he cuts a 2 points if you forget to put the derivative sign but do everything.
8820012The guy's a genius! It's just too bad he teaches the class like we're all supposed to be geniuses too. I'm speaking from Matrix Algebra experience, which he made the hardest class ever, and I've breezed through every previous math class I've ever taken. He's very enthusiastic about the material, but overall it's a lot of work. He collects homework, has pop quizzes, and the most impossible tests ever conceived. Good guy tho.
8520012His lectures are often boring, and he fails to explain subject matter thuroughly, or in a way that makes sense. His labs are a complete matter entirely, though- he poses challenging questions and can be very helpfull in giving hints or showing you the next step. Often, you leave lab feeling as if you have really accomplished something.
9520012Just so you know don't take this class if you know that you are a lazy student. This class is meant for those students who wish to be challenged and actually want the grade that they earn. Take this guy if you want to have an understanding of Calculus and its comcepts. Nice guy even better teacher.
4820012HE SUCKS!!
7520012(for Diff Eq) Teacher does not give enough examples and when he does happen to he does not complete them. Also, he spends way too much time on theory which does not help students in the least bit. Quizzes are every week and cover material that was just introduced the previous day. Tests are "ok," first one was quite hard, but material gets easier as you go along.
he's a good teacher though, very passionate about his work. Always excited and always helpfull. Again; LABOR INTENSIVE. projects and homework collected all the time
9520012Extremely helpful with students and their questions. Tests are hard but fair. I took him for Calc 2 and 3, and I know I learned alot. Luzter is great.
9520012Very nice guy and clearly understandable. He genuinely wants to help his students. If you're lazy you might have a hard time, but otherwise you'll learn a lot and have as decent a time at it as possible with Calculus :(
6120011horrible teaching methods... nice man
9120011He does a good job of getting students to pay attention and actually learn in the class. He had office hours each day at the same time, but if you have a class then, you'd have to make an appointment. He thouroughly covers all material necessary and then some, but the tests are really hard. However, it is better to get a B and learn a lot then to get an A and flunk the next section of Calculus.
8820011Hes a great teacher, very helpful at office hours and always willing to take the time to help you understand. If your looking for an easy A though you'll have to go somewhere else
9120011He is a very good professor but if you want to receive a good grade in his class you must study a ton for tests and make sure you know ALL the material because he will eat you up on the tests if you're not prepared. Always there to answer questions at office hours or if you make an appt.
9920011His course is a demanding one, but well worth it! If your goal is to be a professional some day, take this guy. He's interested in helping you learn, not in blowing sunshine up your *#$!! with easy grades. Go see him in office hours - that's where you get individual attention. He's great with a class, but can pay more attention to your individual problems in small groups. It would be nice if he focussed a little more on technique and a little less on "why," but he's still an A+.
9120011A wonderful teacher.
Makes you work hard.
People think that his tests are hard. What is it you expect from college, easy tests, no homework and nothing to study. Then you should not take this prof. Don't get discouraged by low grades.
9520011good teacher. very helpful with office hours. if you understand the worksheet reviews before the tests you'll do fine. don't worry about the first test. he's just scaring you into wanting to do better.
9920011The professor does an excellent job on presenting the information. He offers long office hours and is willing to make appointments. The grading scale is very nice, though the tests can be a little hard. Does an excellent job in preparing you for future classes.
8520011he was an excellent teacher, but his test/quizzes were abnormally hard. some of his material were not detailed in the book and were hard to follow.
9120002Don't expect an A on the test, but definitely expect to understand the material. Homework is a little excessive. Teaching style is good. He is very open to suggestions and varies the course depending on how students are responding. Always available for office hours, and always tries to make sure you understand the material and the theory behind it. Great cookies!
Don't take if you're not willing to do a little work.
9520002Very helpful. Be prepared to make an effort in the course but be sure to ask for help and he'll be more than willing to make you understand. There is a project in his calculus courses, but again, if you put forth the effort, you'll get the grade that you deserve.
9920002Very easy to understand and great knowledge of material. Only downfall is very difficult tests.
9920001Makes class fun and intersting. The only class I looked forward to going to. Grades on what you have actually learned. Tests are extremely difficult though, but it's worth it.
6520001Doesn't do a bad job teaching, but needs to make sure he's testing his students on material that he's covered.
9520001He is a cool guy and helpful, but I think its impossible to make complex variables easy. He is really helpful during his office hours, and does his best. Also note that he has the best cookies i've ever had in his office, which is another good reason to see him on his office hours. Dr Lutzer overall is a pretty good teacher, definetly one the best math teachers I've had at RIT. But remember he is good but you have to do your work.
9520001Great teacher. Make's math interesting. You will learn a lot in his class, but homework is a little too much.