RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for C Meyers

4820011"What the h*ll are you doing!" That's what he said to me and my lab partner when he found our equipment was set up wrong. Naturally, that was the way it was left for us. He did a horrible job explaining anything beyond the general way to dothe experiement. He was also the worse grader possible. Half of my lab class failed. Nobody got an A. The highest grade was an 85%. There were 3 B's. He likes to complain and whine about how students suck and how blah blah blah. He'll then required you to write an extremely details and speicifc lab report. PROFESSIONALS don't even write lab reports as detailed as we had to. If you managed to get higher than a B on a lab report, you must be God. In fact, if you managed to get higher than a C, you're probably in contention for that position, at the very least. Avoid this teacher like the plague ridden solid mass that is your Aunt Bertha's Christmas fruitcake. Gah.
4820003This teacher was the WORST lab teacher I have ever had, everything I did was wrong, he never helped, whined a lot, and never encouraged you to do anything. Do NOT take him, you will only end up frustrated and burned out.
4820003Horrendus communication skills. This guy makes no eye contact with the students. He stares at the ground and mumbles on and on. Add to this he is miserable in general and has a poor attitude. For the first class, he handed out a sheet where he whines for three paragraphs about how he is ignored and if you don't follow his instructions, then "you are not safe". He cracks me up during class when someone does something he doesn't like, such as rounding a number to one decimal more than he preferred or forgetting to color the graph in Excel to the one he wants and using the wrong fonts. He will whine like a little girl for about a half an hour and walk around in circles mumbling about how he's ignored. Well, what does he expect? He takes simple conceptual lab assignments and turns them into rocket science by confusing the f**k out of us and being nit-picky with every single detail. Avoid this man at all costs. He's almost as bad as the DEVIL (aka kovacs).
5320003Is mean and a hard grader. Yells at students
4820003Avoid him at any cost!!!
7520003Professor Meyers is a good person even though he grades VERY HARD. He takes the subject matter quite seriously and expects the same from his students. It seems as though he deducts a letter grade for each mistake he finds in the few lab reports that he expects no matter how small the error. There were five 6+ page lab reports and five simple "fill-in" lab sheets. Meyers' exams are rather short making a minor mistake a huge deduction. Nice thing is that they are open notebook, open lab, so errors are hard to make if you've done all the labs correctly.
I would not recommend taking him, but I would also not "avoid him at all costs." Be prepared to work hard for a good grade if you take him.
5820003EXTREMELY POOR COMMUNICATION Skills. He whines too much and takes everything you write on your paper personally. If he'd spend more time teaching and less crying, he'd be able to hand out better grades. Expects you to anally follow his guidelines. Aviod him at all costs.
4820003F- is as low as it let's me go so I guess that's the one I have to choose. I had this guy for university physics I lab and it was the hardest 1 credit course I've ever taken because of this guy. He's the biggest whinner about doing things right and about how 'crude' things are. He grades lab reports like they should be from graduate students. He expects them to be perfect and will pick at every little thing that's wrong. I never received such bad grades in a science class until now. And he's terrible help when it comes to asking questions. He thinks he's being ignored when you do something wrong and rarely ever helps if you do anything but say you were wrong. He doesn't realize that physics is hard and that students are going to ask questions. He thinks because he writes out what to do on the board there should be no questions about it. He seems to discourage questions. At the end of class I asked him something about what these certain numbers meant and he said I should know and then he left. I would never take this professor again and I encourage no one else to either.
4820003Avoid Meyers! Lab is a one credit class, he does not understand this! He grades to harshly and expects 3 page lab reports. I got a D on one lab just because I converted my units wrong! Meyers should be fired.
5320002I've never experienced a worse teacher. If you can, avoid him!
5320002Doesn't explain well, grades harshly . avoid if possible!
4820002VEry confusing and when you ask for help he doesn't give it, avoid him at all cost
8820002Picky grader. Lab reports should be precise and complete, especially the format.
5320001He rejects students who ask questions. He waves his hand and walks away. He is easily frustrated and doesnt seem to accept the fact that people are going to have questions. His tests are also more difficult than they should be.