RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Darren Narayan

9520023A bit disorganized both in preparation for class and in the order topics are covered in class, but this is the only drawback to this teacher. I had him for Diff Eq, he knows what he is talking about, explains things very well so that everyone can understand them. His tests aren't too hard or too easy, hw for an entire week can easily be done in one night yet it covers the weeks topics very well. I would take him again for sure.
9920023this guy is really cool and explains stuff so well. even though i got a C in the class (by a few points) i almost enjoyed comming to class. learns everyons name and just a great prof
9920023Though I had Narayan a long time ago, he made Calculus understandable and was already around for outside help. Great guy!
9920012Great Calculus teacher. Acts well as a student when steping through problems, and often tells us where students go wrong in a problem so we don't do it. If only my physics teacher was this good...
9920012Best professor!!!
9920012Awesome prof. He is probably the best teacher I've had here. Very fair tests, and homework is usually short and is graded easily. Get into his class if you can, cause he preregisters too...
9920011One of the only profs on campus who is 100% dedicated to helping his students succeed. I had him for all 3 qurters and is the only reason I survived Calc
9920011Narayan is the main reason I toughed out my difficult freshman year. I had him for Calc 1,2, and 3 and this guy is the best. Thank you, Dr. Narayan.
9120011teaches very well. offers his time to students and makes sure everyone understands the conepts. moves quickly, but loses few people.
9920003best teacher, coolest guy, somehow graded our final exam while in New Orleans during Mardi Gras
9920003Simply Great!! If you are having trouble understanding calc, put this man on you list. There is not another professor that can touch his ability to teach. I can't say enough......Oh yeah, he can do amazing math calculations in his head:)
9520003Dr. Narayan is an excellent professor. He teaches well and encourages questions. The only thing that I didn't really like about him is that the examples that he does in class is sometimes a lot simpler than the problems that he assigns for homework. Another thing worth mentioning is that I get the feeling that he prefers to be your friend rather than a professor.
9520003Dr. Narayan is helplful and funny. An excellent calculus professor at times but can also move too fast sometimes. Will sit down with you for hours and help you understand.
9920002Very well-spoken, really knows what he's talking about. Instead of droning on, actually makes class interesting. Interacts well with students and is available for help at almost any time. Homework maybe once a week, but it's never more than 8 problems or so. Tests are exact coppies of the homework and quizzes. Grades quite fairly, with ample partial credit, and his grading policies are flexible. Deffinitely reccomended for anyone taking calculus 1, 2, or 3 for the first time, along with students who need to brush oup on what they already know.
9920002Excellent professor. He knows how to teach, not just spout out facts. I had a D in Calc I with my first teacher, and I'm hoping for a B with Narayan in Calc II (pending my final). In any case, he's the reason I know how to do any Calc.
9920002Makes everything very easy and understandable, we have covered more stuff than we should have in the class and are still ahead of the other classes, he makes it fun also. I wish he was teaching the class i need to take next quarter.
9920002Excellent prof, really knows his stuff. Can divide amazing decimals in his head.
9520001Best Calculus teacher I ever had. Nice, easy to understand examples during lecture. Gives one homework assignment a week; no more than 10 questions.

Quizzes and test aren't too bad. Tends sometimes to put questions on his tests that are harder or have an extra twist to them that he didnt cover in class.

Overall great teacher; would recommend for any calculus class.
9920001An overall excellent professor! His teaching style was easy enough for me to follow, and he grades very fairly. Also a nice person to know, and he has a lot of resources available to students. His after class "online office" hours (using AIM) are extremely helpful as well.
9920001The best calculus professor that RIT has. Creates very fair tests and quizes and teaches thoroughly in class. He also handeled a very rough two hour class with a lot of enthusiasm.
9920001Narayan rocks... he always wears a fancy tie.
Oh ya, he knows his Calculus too.
9920001Best teacher I've had so far. I've learned a lot in the class and plan on taking every relevant math class he teaches from here on.