RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for David Sumberg

4820023Do not take this professor ever. He will screw your most important basic concepts in EE. Very boring lectures. He does not believe in partial credit. Tests are ridiculously easy and hw is insufficient. This is neither an immature comment nor an avenging scheme of any kind. Think of it this way, if he teaches you circuits II, you will have trouble with everything from Linear systems onwards.
7820023Not the worst professor on earth, but not the best on either. He is rather boring in class, but teaches all the material and knows what he is talking about. Tests are straight forward, but he could be better in inclass explanations.
8120023on the surface he doesn't seem like a great professor, maybe it was just the fact that i am a mechanical engineer taking intro to EE. who knows. i thought i would end up doing poorly in his class, but the quizzes and tests really werent all that bad. the homework is a pain, but it prepares you for the tests. i guess just do the homework and try to get by, he knows that it is an intro course, and while it may seem the test is going to be tough, it will probably be reasonable.
7820023Kinda dull, but learned what I needed for EE as an ME.
7120023Teaches slowly. Test ok. Strict grading. Don't give out partial credit. When u come and talk to him about your work, he would said no to give you partial credit because it's his "judgement call"
6520011Teches slowly, with poor explainations, and you will learn NOTHING. Tests are easy, though, but later courses will be a pain in the ass.
5320003Had sumberg for Electronics I. Had to drop Electronics II due to sumberg's poor teaching of Electronics I material.
7120002His class is so far behind lab that it makes both very frustrating. He has only taught Electronics 2 times and it shows.
9920002Possibly the coolest teacher in the department. I want this guy to be the best man in my wedding... Took the class out for drinks one night after an exam. Awesome teacher!
6520002His classes are by far the most boring that I've had the misfortune of attending, but he was surprisingly helpful during office hours.
5320002Absolutely no comment! You all know already!
9920002one of the best teachers i had in RIT, he is very helpfull and friendly, and he knows the material really well.
6120002When asked about partial credit on a test he said I should've gotten some credit but then he refused to give it to me.
8519993He s quite boring but his tests aren t too bad.
7119993Not one of my favorites for many reasons.