RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Daniel Phillips

9520023He is very helpful and approachable outside of class. Had a bad experience with him when he new in the department, but with time he proved himself to be an awesome professor, expect a lot of work, but you will learn with him.
9520023eccentric personality.
Nice guy. will bring out the best in you
9920012i had prof. phillips for intro. to microcomputers, and i learned a lot from his classes.. the tests were horrable but homework assignments were fun... get him if you can
9120012Lectures are clear and thorough. Dr. Phillips will respond to any email you send him within the hour at almost any time of day with a clear concise answer. Very helpful outside of class.
9920012my fav EE prof
9120011Very good if you seek his help. Will answer email and questions promptly. Teaches very well. Tests tend to be a bit overfilled, but if you do all the homework and some extra problems, you should be able to handle it.
7120003Very personable guy outside of class but the amount of work that he gives is ridiculous. Between having to do some huge lab writeups and then doing the homework, there wasn't enough time left in the week for any other homework. Test were hard but he was willing to give extra points one way or another.
7520002Phillips is not the worse prof. RIT has to offer, but He does just read out of the book, exactly, and does no examples that aren't already done
7820002Phillip's is really a good guy, but can be a pain when he asks you questions in class. He teaches out of the book, do the mandatory and recommended problems for a good grade, you'll learn from the problems, which can really suck.
9920002This guy rocks... It is obvious that at times he is frustrated with teaching basic courses like circuits. He is a great guy always willing to help. He is new and still trying to get a feel as to what to cover for what length of time.. but he gets the concepts across. I dont understand what the guy who gave him a d- is talking about. There was a deaf student in my class who was completely rude to him quite often.. asked him questions from like 3 chapters prior to what we were covering and he was always patient with him. I wouldda thrown the kid out. He always said in class when he would be available. Hes just a good teacher
9520002He's a very good helper inside and outside of class.