RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for David Murdoch

5320011The normal class proceeds as such:
Everyone walks in and sits down. He starts talking, 1/3 of the people fall asleep, a few pipe up but most just stare at him and no one answers questions. The reading is a bit much, but no one does it anyway. As for the other F in this column, I saw you that monday. MurDOCH (that's Scottish) said "There is no way you can join this class, we're already in the 3 week" (please note this was the 3rd class). oh well sorry you got screwed but look at it this way, you aren't stuck with him 4 hours a week. I rather take english from a drunk monkey on acid, at least I'd learn something. oh well.
9920011Good guy. Easy A....
8820011This guy knows his stuff, and will grade very fairly. ALthough I only had him for 4 weeks because my other crackhead writing and lit teacher O.D.'d or something, he seemed very good. The only problem is, he tends to babble on about stuff that means nothing, and will put you to sleep, especially in a two hour class. I would take him to learn a thing or two and get an easy grade, but be prepared and bring a pillow.
7520011There is a lot of work for every class and his classes tend to be boring. His grading is pretty fair and as long as you go to class, getting a B shouldn't be too hard.
4820011I joined his class during the tail end of add/drop and attended the next class, making sure to talk to him before the class to find out if there was anything I needed to make up.

Rather than telling me what I needed to make up, he told me that since I had already missed the first week of classes (during add/drop), I could only get a B for class participation, and that I had already missed one assignment, and I couldn't make it up. Paying full price for a class with a max grade of a low B? I think not.

This professor is the embodyment of why students dislike RIT.
9520002I had his class a long time ago. He was a very nice guy.... but he gave an enormous amount to read.
9920002Excellent teacher
9919993Written Argument is a great course, well taught and thought out.