RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Dale Ewbank

6520023boring, bad hair, lazy and unhelpful in the labs, his lectures are read straight out of the book. Skip this newbie and wait for smith.
7520023He should change his name to Lord Helmet to go along with his fro-mullet. Good guy once you get to know him, but that can take some time.
9520023Ewbank is a very good professor and always available if you need help.
9920023I foud Prof.Ewbank extremely helpful,focussed and dedicated towards whatever he is doing.He was so kind to help me even if he was having lunch !I think if a student is sincere enough,he can learn a lot from him.
7520012He's ok, very very dry. It's tough to pay attention to him, extremely boring. Has a nice mullet, though.