RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Debra Meiburg

9920011This quarter, I took both Wines of the World and Foods of the World with Debra. She is the best teacher I have ever had. She was great - very bubbly and happy. You know she loves her job. She made everything interesting and she has opened my mind up to everything she teaches about. I am sad to see her move to China but extremely glad to have met her. She has started a class here at RIT that will enrich all of our minds in a more cultural way.
9920003She was really nice, and made Learning about wine awesome. Her class really dramatically increased my interest in Wines.
9920002I just wanted to be the first person to post about Debra. I am sure many others will be following suit and posting many many A’s. Not only did she make the subject fun, but I actually learned something in Wines too!! I expected to just drink and that’s it, but I couldn’t help but learn about the wines that she taught. Do yourself a favor and take a class with Professor Meiburg.
9920002I had a great time in Wines of the World this quarter. Debra was a great professor, and she made the class fun and interesting, not to mention I learned a lot. I looked forward to every class, and would recommend that everyone take a class with her.
9920002she's great!! Wines of the world was great fun..we learnt a lot of stuff about wines in her class.I think it's one of the best classes I have taken at RIT!! :)