RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Diane Forbes

4820023Diane Forbes is the worst professor that RIT has working for it. She is an ignorant person, and has absolutely no business in an institution of higher learning.
9520023I learned a lot and she was a fair grader. However, she did not return most of our graded assignments until the last day of class.
6820012I have Dr. Forbes for Intermediate Spanish three and have a number of complaints. The first, which I find most offensive, is that she treats students with very little respect. When a student is called upon to speak, she will interrupt them at the slightest error--even the student is not necessarily wrong. Second, She treats the class as an hour and twenty minutes to hear herself speak, yet angers quickly if the students lose interest in her lectures. I infrequently felt that I was learning in her class. She is a doctor in her field, yet my girlfriend (a native of a Spanish-speaking country) has found a number of egregious errors in her syllabus, assignments, and hand-outs. She is essentially someone I consider educated beyond their capacity to think: she obviously believes that her doctorate in Spanish makes her an authority in all subjects. Third, She will never give any student the slightest compliment for any improvement. This contributes to the very unpleasant experience the other students and I have with her. This woman has not helped me with my Spanish, and I feel like I wasted money on this course.
9920002A+ as a professor, A++++ as a person.
8120002she's nice, but has personal favorites. she grades orals on what she does not reinforce in class. tests are easy if you understand the material.
7120002She knows her stuff in Spanish, but was too easy on the people that didn't know the language. Her tests are tough and homework can be ridiculous. If you take any class with her watch out _guys_.
7520002She would be a great professor if she reinforced our learning in any manner. It is now the 7th week of school and she has yet to return a single assignment. How are we supposed to learn from our mistakes if we can not even know what we have done wrong.
9520002She's very competent, dominates Spanish very well and encourages participation in class, which is important in a language course.
9120002I must agree with one of the other comments. She is a slacker when it comes to handing back assignments and tests. IF you want to keep track of your progress, you need to figure out a different system. She knows her stuff, but she needs to get a little organized and hand back assignments. I have had her for Beg.Span1/2 and I have not received the majority of my assignments for Beg.1. I hope the rest of my spanish courses will improve.
9920001A wonderful, Delightful Professor. She's very very nice and very friendly. An excellent professor and a great human being. i miss her classes :)
9920001A very good professor that teaches Spanish in an effective and lively way. Tries hard to make us, students, learn and if you follow her instructions you are definitely going to learn Spanish.