RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for David Farnsworth

9520023This guy is the nicest guy in the world. Yeah he gives 2 quizes a week. but like 80% of the class gets a A on them. Hes so nice on partial credit too... i took one of his quizes..and got 2 out of 5 questions wrong...but he still gave me a 24/25. based on partial credit lol. Take him...hes the bombdigity..fo sho!
9520023His Probability and Statistics I class was most likely the easiest class I've taken at RIT. I did even less work than for my liberal arts class. He has 12 quizzes in 10 weeks. However, 95% of them are elementary and can be done in 3 out of the 20 minutes that he gives you to solve them. On top of that, he takes 9 best out of the 12 quiz grades. The exams can be done in 15 minutes, tops. I am truly surprised at the people who got even a B in the class. If you need a break in your routine and have to take Prob & Stats, take Farnsworth and it's a guaranteed A.
8520023I had him last fall for stats. The class was relatively easy, I barely even looked at the book, just looked at the powerpoint slides that he provides every class on the material he is covering. He dropped the lowest test grade, which gave me an A. Overall, he's not very interesting, but the class wasn't too hard.
9920023Professor Farnsworth is SOOOOO awesome. He made me absolutely love statistics. At first, he seems a bit confusing, but he's more than happy to answer questions. He has alot of quizzes, like everyday, but that will help you get more points if you don't do so good on some. He also drops a few quizzes. He also gives you a bunch of old quizzes to study from which are exactly like the quiz you'll end up taking. All the tests are open book too. If you get less than a B in his class, then obviously your stupid. Farnsworth is STATISTICS GOD!!!
9920012He's very nice. I had him for Data Analyis I. He's very nice with partial credit and he rewards effort. He has a lot of quizzes, about every other class day almost...and a few large tests, but they are open book. Overall he's very friendly.
9520012Had for Prob. and stats 1: His classes really aren't that boring, he gives you plenty of notice as to what will be on tests and quizes, which are very straight forward, often from homework. Will take again, if the chance arises.
9120012Not particuarly interesting, but not too boring. Plenty of notice for tests and quizzes, teaches well (basically no studying required) and gives you 11 sets worth of previous quizzes to look over. Very straightforward. Lots of quizzes, although he drops some.
7120012This guy comes into class everyday, displays his PowerPoint slides which serve only to confuse, and then attacks you with quizzes that are based on one or two slides. It's hard to know what to study for. When he actually leaves his laptop he's a terrible public speaker and often makes things more confusing. Don't take Data Analysis with this guy, you'll regret it like I do.
8820012Dr. Farnsworth gives the class all the the previous quizzes and exams from the quarter before, so it is really easy to do well without studying a lot. He's really boring and there are 2 quizzes every week; but as long as you show up, you'll do fine.
6820011Boring, could barely stay awake in class and with a confusing book, you need a good professor
9519994Pretty reasonable and fair
9119993Very solid teacher, extremely willing to help students. The class is taught primarily from Powerpoint.
78199932 quizes a week is too much. It rushes all the classes because you need to make time to take the quiz.