RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for David Crystal

8520023Crystal has a wry wit and is an interesting person as well as a professor. If you're looking for a lot of out-of-class work, he's definitely not the guy to take Data Analysis with. There wasn't one homework assignment due to hand in. He tends to give a lot of quizzes (pop quizzes as well). You will NEED the textbook as a reference, but he's a knowledgeable guy and will always answer your questions.
6520023I took Data Analysis I online. Even though I've already taken 2 statistics courses and this was mostly review, I was worried I might not get an A because he wasn't very consistent with how he graded homework. Also, the test questions were sometimes ambiguous because they were poorly worded. Finally, although his sample final exam is from 1997, he still hasn't bothered to correct mistakes in the problems on the sample exam - only on the answer key. Come on, it would only take 10 minutes to fix and he's ignored it for 6 years!
5320012The worst math teacher I ever had. Not only does he have an ego,he is also rude! Take someone else if you can.
4820012I took data analysis 1 with him and got a D. I retook it with Prof Timberlake and got an A. Crystal is rude and is a poor teacher. He bounces around to much.
9920011Great professor, great guy. Sarcastic and funny in class, but very accessable and he was always willing to help if you make the effort. Don't get me wrong, you do need to work in the class, but I would highly recommend him.
9920003Good teacher...funny.
7520003Knows his stuff, but had a hard time learning from him. Goes very quickly over information w/ not a lot of examples.
6820003He eats ballz do not take him
9520002He is very organized with his presentations, but its not easy for anyone to make this stuff interesting. I think his grading system is very fair. He understands that people can have a bad day, and he is willing to drop a grade. He didn't seem very accessable in the beginning, but I realized quickly, that if you put some effort in and bother to ask questions, he is more than willing to help out. He just doesn't bother with students who don't care, and I don't blame him one bit. People that complain about him probably are the ones who always skipped classes. This guy knows his stuff, and those who want to listen will learn.
7520002I did not enjoy this class. I thought Crystal was not very understanding at all. I do give him credit for being very organized with the handouts and Power Point presentations and all, but I just really did not enjoy him or his class.
5320001I do not recommend this professor. He does not do a very good job in his presentations and is not very fair in grading.