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Ratings for Kijana Crawford

6520023(Foundations of Sociology) Dr. Crawford does NOT teach. Be ready to go to class and leave with less brain cells and common sense than when you came in. However, if you read the book, act like you are learning her material, and are a good at multiple choice tests, it won't be too hard to get a "B" just don't expect an easy "A"
9920023Took the online course....mad easy. Do the practice questions and read the summary in the books and you'll do well
7520023She was very intersting and posed excellent questions and topics. Hit me with a lower grade then what was expected at the end though.
7520012Dr. Crawford does not teach at all. The classes are useless. Reading the book is essential....attending class isn't.
7520012It always seems like she has no time for you
7520012Boring class, boring professor... Makes no sense at all.... Can I say webQuest?... Jesus the internet has been around for more than 10 years already.... we know how to use a web browser!!!!
9920012This woman is why I want to get a PHD in sociology. I know a lot of people don't care for her but Foundations of Sociology was the best class I have ever taken at RIT. You HAVE to have an open mind and not need structure to take her class, or else you won't enjoy it and get everything out of it that you should. Don't study too hard for her tests, just know your material and most of all....HAVE FUN!!! She's taught me so much about myself and the world around me!
4820012Teacher doesn't know anything about anything. Can't pronounce the simplest words. Her class is horrible, and I dreaded going. I would avoid this professor if at all possible.
7520012If you dont do well on the essays or tests#then it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to have extra credit#so just do it well... I feel that students teach each other instead of professor..
4820012doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to teaching the stuff she knows.
9520012Shes a fair lady, she lets you make the test you take and cares about you learning. If you do what she asks, she'll do what you ask, otherwise forget about it.
5320012I had Dr. Crawford for Foundations of Sociology, and though she is a nice enough person, her teaching methods need some serious re-evelauation. The class structure was horribly disorganized, and often a significant portion of the period was wasted trying to set up electronic visual aids. Also, she has a tendency to interrupt students' answers to questions, which becomes especially frustrating when she expresses the desire that we speak up more. The exams were poorly written, with many ambigious, misspelled, and even repeated questions. The group projects, both entirely too numerous and too time consuming for a low level liberal arts class, never seemed to be graded based on the actual performance on the groups; many people recieved identical grades and even comments, despite differences in the completeness of their work. I can in all honesty say that the only material of any significance which I learned from this course came from the research involved in those projects.
I recommend that you avoid this professor if at all possible.
5320011The worst class that I have taken in my college years. Two Hundred question test on trivial information. Teacher is not personable either, very hard to learn from them.
8820011The class is not that hard. She is an interesting teacher and if you use the practice test she gives you its pretty much same questions on test. You have to do some studying to pass her class but not much.
8520011I wasn't too impressed. I took the online course with Crawford. It was 4 200 muliple choice tests and that was all. Many of the questions on the exams were too detailed and by the time you got to question 120 your brain was fried. There is no hope for extra credit if you do poorly on any of the exams either.
9520011She's a crazy lady, but I really like her. The tests are a bit tough- 200 questions in 2 hours, so you better be a fast reader, but they're all multiple choice and true/false questions. Read the book and you'll be fine- don't read and you'll be blown away. There's lots of group work, which she organizes very badly, but its usually easy and everything turns out ok. Participate in the class discussions and she'll love you forever.
8520011I believe the professor could have been a bit more helpful.
6120011I learned nothing, I gained nothing... Tests are 75% of grade, 200 question tests. LOTS of group work (you better get a good group). She knows her stuff, but doesn't teach it to you.
9920003Extremely knowledgeable about her subject. She is able to paraphrase the chapters in the book from the top of her head. Great with tying the ideas of Sociology to the RIT and larger community. Learned a great deal, and had an very enjoyable experience. I am looking forward to taking her again.
8820003This lady is nuts! But her class what an enjoyable experience.
6520003Professor is not well prepared for classes. Has a hard time communicating ideas verbally.
5320003This prof. was an incredible waste of time. I got an A in the class, but it was so easy that it was insulting. If you don't mind spending your tuition money towards a class where you do nothing and will learn nothing, then go ahead and take this course.
5320003If you want be treated like your in high school...and get yelled at and have stupid high school like worksheets to do...this is for you!
5320003Tests are very hard. Doesn't answer questions easily. Didn't learn anything. Unorganized, wouldn't recommend her.
9520003This teacher is great. No teacher has come close to her ability and unique teaching style. If you don't get this lady before you graduate, you have learned nothing about society. I will miss Professor Crawford greatly after this year.
4820003I would have learned more watching two midgets with artificial legs make sweet love
8520003Kinda wacky lady. She goes off on a tangent at times..not that it's bad. Used to make classes short. Class is easy,..lets us grade ourselves..(go figure) dont take sociology if you are not good w/ current topic stuff
9920002Very informative, intelligent and fun professor, Any course of her's is a good choice!
8120002She is very open to discussions, which is nice... however, she doesn't teach much. It's left up to the class as a whole to learn from each other. Lots and lots of group-work. Overall: a fair professor, who you'll either really like or not depending on your own learning style.
5320002she said out loud that she wouldn't mind watching me die. the only advantage to taking her course in soc is that the answers are in the library and she gives a 100 point curve
9920002great professor!!!loves to teach and very willing to give extra help when needed. I would suggest that all students take at least one class from Dr. Crawford before leaving RIT. She's the best professor i've had since i've been here!
4820002Very unwilling to help and to teach
8520001Not too shabby. Very intelligent on subject.