RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Dan Bogaard

9920023Dan is the man! He is a fun professor, really knows what he is talking about and makes the courses he teaches very interesting. He is more than willing to help outside of the classroom too (which is great).
9920023the best of the best.
9920023Dan is the man! I had him for 737. His lecture is very interesting and fun to be in. He explains well and is very enthusiastic about what he is teaching. Highly recommended!
9920023Very helpful. One of the best IT professor. Really knows how to teach. Extremely friendly as well.
9920012I had him as a Professor for the Intro to Multimedia course. He definately knows the material and how to teach it and still has a sense of humor, even at 8AM.
9920012Very fun professor, I enjoyed IDM very much and actually learned a lot. He knows what he's doing too, so if you're looking for a good prof and to learn a lot this is your man.
9920012Great guy. Knows his stuff and can explain it very well in a humourous way.
8820012Knowlegable in the area he taught (741 - Fund. of Inter. Mult.) Occasionally disorganized. His lectures were erratic, as he would skip 3 or 4 slides saying "not real important.... this is on color.... don't need to know..."
Has a very good rapport with students. Gardes faily. Tests were a little too general/easy.
9920012Hes awesome. Take him easy A just do your work. Knows his material too.
9520012Dan is a great professor. He really knows his stuff and is willing to help out students. He is also just a generally great guy! I highly recommend him for Intro. to multimedia.
9520012I never had him as a professor before, but he helped me on some projects. This guy really knows his stuff. He will go out of his way to help students who are having trouble or get stuck on a certain part of a project. A great person and teacher.