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Ratings for David Hart

8820023hart is one of the funniest professors ive seen in a while. i took discrete for it 1 with him in the morning. because of his random comments and discussions (such as talking about the dancing monkeys in the number 9) people actually paid attention to see what he would say next. always was there to help people out.
9520023I really like this guy!! He's so funny!! Very lenient grader too. Take him if you need to worry about your GPA. He does tend to be a little slow though and spends a lot of time explaining things in depth, but his exams totally reflect what he teaches in class.
Take him if you want to know the mystical connection between dancing monkeys and the number 9 :O)
8520023Doesn't follow the book to the letter, but it makes the subject(Matrix Algebra) easier to learn
9120023Good teacher. Sometimes what he says is a little confusing, but maybe that's just because I don't take discrete math too well to . Very funny. Always available for help. It almost seems like he lives here at RIT because when he's not teaching, he's always at his office so you can get help pretty much anytime.
9920012very good all around, real nice guy. his funny manner of speech and enjoyment of going off on number theory tangents are ammusing not really annoying. no calculators on tests, but didnt slow me down.
9520012Very good teacher. As has been mentioned, experienced students may find his reiterative teaching style to be tedious. Homework is optional but recommended.
9920012Excellent teaching style. I've always complained that too many professors simply teach how to work problems. Hart is different. He teaches concepts, making for very engaging lectures. His passion is number theory and this comes through in his lectures. If you like to think in terms of abstract concepts (ie. you've got a CS mind), you'll love this professor.
9920011BEST TEACHER EVER, He makes calculus FUN, his two different vioces lets class time be fun time as well, i often laugh out loud in his class, he probably thinks im crazy, but he is a wonderful teacher. The tests are very fair, with easy numbers and many "Setup only" questions. If you need to take any class from Hart, TAKE IT!!!
7520011Professor Hart definately means well, but he spends the majority of class talking about side topics that he finds interesting and not on calculus. This may be fine in a discreet math class, but not when students are supposed to be learning the fundamentals of calculus. When you combine those annoying voices he does you get one of the worst class experinces possible.
7520011Talks a lot about a simple topic.... drones on and on
9520011Professor Hart is a really nice guy and he knows what he's talking about. His teaching style is a tad crazy, but it makes the class fun. He goes over a topic sometimes repeatedly in different ways to make sure students understand it...so experienced students may find him repetitive, but for the people who need lots of examples and different ways of looking at concepts, he is very good at explaining them. Taking a class with him is a wise descision no matter what your experience with Calculus is.
9920011Excellent teaching skills. Goes through the material thoroughly and gives lots of examples. He's a fair grader and you learn a lot in his class. Also has a lot of interesting side points.
9520011Great professor, very fair. He's interesting and knows what he is doing. Do the optional homework and you will do well. Tests are fair and similar to problems in the book#answers are always "nice" numbers. He's very available during his office hours and other times to help.
9120011(Calc II) Hart is a very well-meaning professor, concerned with the mathematical knowledge, comprehension, and speed of his students. Although his tests are somewhat difficult and no calculator is allowed, his grading is fair and simple (whether you get a D or an A). An A in his class is not difficult for anyone who does all of the "optional" homework, takes thorogh notes in class, and studies lightly. However, if you have difficulty doing non-graded homework (like I do), a B is much more likely than an A as the tests are based upon the hardest problems from the text book.
9920011I have had him for two classes, Calc 4, and matrices and boundry value problems, and I wish I had had him for all of my math courses. His homework is light and gets the point across. The best thing about him is his tests use reasonable numbers, all possible by hand. It makes the material much easier to learn when you aren't worrying about messy calculations. Best Math teacher ever.
9920003Hart is "the dude", plain and simple. Very smart, very nice, fair in every sense of the word. Enthusiastic, obviously loves his job, and makes calculus (of all things) a joy.
8820003Great guy very sweet. Decent teacher. Much better during office hours if you need help but worth having him as a teacher.
9520003If you want to get to know Euler on a more personal level, you should take a discrete or graph theory class with Hart. He has also been known to sing in class as well as run from one side of the room to the other when he gets excited about discrete. If you want an entertaining class, you need to take his. The tests can get rather hard, but if you work hard, then you will do well. You will also play the devil's advocate a lot in his class.
9520003Has very resonable tests and is very willing to help students
9520003Hart is a great teacher of Calculus. He's always enthusiatic and entertaining which is a tough thing to do being Calculus. His tests are extremely fair and if you go to class and do your homework---you WILL do well, no questions about that. He's not out to trick you on the tests. While he doesn't permit calculators, he makes the questions out so that he can see that you understand the concept rather than that particular problem at times. Quite a few problems on the tests, all he wanted was for you to set it up and not evaluate. The final, I thought was very difficult compared to the test mostly because it was too long, but when I had asked him about it, he said that he will not count it if it will hurt you. What a great man and he's is always willing to help. Friends of mine are going to him for Calc 3 for help even though they don't have him for it. He's a great teacher. Wish we had more like him..
8520002If you have an equilateral triangle and x=3 and b=9.9 then...

Thats what lecture is like non stop stuff thrown at you before you have time to think, oh and a Don Knotts accent too. But, the tests and quizzes are fair if you study for them. Make sure you do the homework problems he assigns(you don't have to turn them in but if you do them u are guaranteed to ace his exams)
9520002Very good professor.
9920002Was the best math professor I ever had. Would recommend this guy if you want to take Calculus. Had bad start with his tests then managed to get an A in last two calculus. :)
6520002Very Good Teacher - you just have to do the work
9920002Very good teacher, explains calculus almost in pure English. Encourages questions, has short easy quizzes and collects a few homework problems on occasion, to help balance the grade. Easy person to talk to in and out of class.
9920002David Hart is one of the most brilliant and humble people I have ever met. Every lecture was worth twice the amount I paid. The only thing I have wrong with him is he doesn't give me enough time to think before going onto a new concept. He is very helpful during his office hours and explains things real well. Unfortunately, he was a little too high-paced for me and I had to withdraw because I had a C average.
9520002A great teacher and one of the nicest that I've ever had.
9920002He and Prof. Birken are the two best math professors at RIT. Very helpful to students needs. Also his exams were fairly easy if you just showed up to class everyday.
9920002Prof. Hart is one of the best teachers I've had... he explains things very thoroughly, is a fair grader, and is incredibly smart... his sense of humor isn't for everyone, and he got a bit corny at times, but I thought he was a riot regardless.
9920002Very insightfull. Very Funny Teaches the class very well. He is funny and I enjoy learning in this class.
7820002If you have a hard time with calc this is the man to take. will explain it to you till you understand, really cares about his students and an overall great guy.
9920002one great teacher, his lectures are very ritch and beneficial to all his students, he cares about his students, he is friendly and very helpful, i recommend him strongly.
9920002Really, really nice guy. He's a good teacher with real world knowledge in his field. His tests were easy/average. Homework is intended to be educational.
8820002Does not let you use a calculator. explains theory behind problems very well and gives fair tests. did not give many homework problems,so if you cant learn to do the problems totally on your own, skip him.
9920001Very good teacher. Encourages questions, has appropriate length exams. Collects a few homework problems on occasion, can be annoying but they are good to help the grade. He's a nice guy. He's light on homework and his tests are fair.
8120001He's a nice guy. He's light on homework and his tests are fair. The lectures tend to be boring and somewhat confusing.
9919993Brilliant man, shares his brilliance with students. Teaches in a way people can understand. Great Prof.
6819993If you are not a math major but need to take a math class, dont take it with him. That will be a big mistake.