RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Douglas Meadows

7120023Dr. Meadows expects way too much work. Being an A student, I was very frightened to have a low C average in his class. Not to worry as his ranking scheme takes care of things. I ended up with an A in the class but had to work my butt off!

In addition to his tendency to be pretentious, he also can be very condescending and arrogant to students. He does not answer questions too well. His tests are unnecessarily hard and require strict memorization of theorems. He gives very little partial credit, especially for proofs. Although he does not grade homework, you will, as he says, likely fail if you do not do it; and you will receive a low grade if you do not do most, if not all, of it. Thus, if you: want to learn a lot (by mastering the book such that it falls apart), can handle the stress of low grades, and cannot find a better teacher, Meadows will do. I personally would avoid him unless I was taking 12 credits. I think I will take complex as an elective with him in the fall because I want to *know* the material by demolishing the binding of a good textbook not that I particularly care for his lectures. Sorry for my longwindedness. I hope this helps. :-)
8820023Overall a fairly good teacher. Understanding, and curves test/quiz grades if he thinks the class needs it. His voice can be a bit monotone at times, and he likes to go off on tangents and talk about material that is only distantly related to the subject, which is sometimes interesting and sometimes isnt. His tests aren't too hard, but they aren't easy either.
9520012If you are up for a challenge he is excellent. He is a very good teacher if you listen. His lectures are tough, but if you get lost you can just stop him and he'll help you out. His test are hard, but fair, and he curves well.
6520012Expects to much, we have other classes to.
9520012A very good and challenging professor. He occasionally makes mistakes, but, unlike some other professors, is never afraid to admit it and correct himself. The tests are a bit rushed; definitely not for double checkers. Considering the curve, however, if you study, you should have no problem making an A.
8820012Had him for calc 4, teaches on the basis of proofs and few examples in class, assings homework but just collects it to see if you did it - not graded. Tests are hard to finish in the time alloted but he knows this and his curve adjusts accordingly. Attendence is crucial to understand all he will put on a test (and be sure to show work - he asked what is the law of cosines on a test (my little sister could answer that, but without a triangle showing the sides i used as well as the angle i recieved little credit for a right answer.
9520011I had him for calc 2 and 3, and I feel that he made me learn the material. Granted his tests are not the easiest but that makes you learn the material. He also has a good curve. He is a very intelligent man and knows his subject well. I enjoyed both quarters with him and would take him again. One word of advice, do the homework or you will fail.
8520011Prof. Meadows is a very smart man which, in this case, is a bit of a detriment to his teaching. He teaches on a very high level, his tests were mostly proofs and such. The course is less matrix algebra and more logic/abstract thinking. Tests are hard but he realizes this and adjusts grades accordingly.
6120004Like someone else said, I got an A. I have no idea how but I got an A. Don't take this teacher unless you like getting all Ds or lower on tests, you like it when a teacher makes you feel like crap, and you enjoy boring lectures where you pay close attention and still don't learn a damn thing. The curve was a surprise, and I thought I had a C at best, but I guess he didn't wanna fail his entire 2 classes. The only reason he doesn't get an F- is b/c of the curve, but his average on here should NOT be a C!
8520003i got an A. I have no idea how but I got an A
6520003Calculus I- Professor Meadows expects the class to know things about math I still haven't learned and I am in calc 4 now. If you ask a question on the material he says "It is intuitively obvious" disregards the question and moves on. He is not open to helping students outside of class but rather he feels that everything should be understood from the little taught in class. All his tests include theorems and I got credit taken off for gramatical errors. This is math not english!
6520003i had him for calc 3. he makes you feel dumb if you eve n think about asking a question. and never really explains the answers. he says "oh thats simple" and then does the problem without explaining how or why. also on tests if you make small gramatical errors in theorems he marks off heavily. pretty much expects you to know everything already and does not present the material in a maner which is easy to learn.
6820002Unless your VERY strong in the subject, dont take him. He expects you to know a lot, and treats you like your stupid if you ask an easy question.
7820002Unless you always use the words "trivial", "computation", "orthogonal", and all combinations thereof, dont even think about this guy.
6820002He is such a boring teacher, hard grader, and not very open to his students. It's his way or no way.
6120002Expects you to know something after one example. Unless you can teach yourself, avoid him!
6520002Wants everyone to learn, but expects everyone to be as smart as he is. He has to learn that Calc isnt as "trivial" as he says it is. If you want to work very hard on the homework then go to take the exams and see nothing similar to anything on the homework, take Meadows.
9520002I've had him for calc IV. He did an excellent job of presenting the material at a higher level. If you attend RIT for more than a rubber stamp you will want to be in his class.
5820002Too smart!! Doesn't know how to teach it in a way that you can understand it.
7820002Doug is pretty condesending. He really expects people to know what he's teaching before you get to class. In his office he is much more helpful than in class. If you want to do well, forget about him making you feel retarded and just ask questions until you understand. The bigest enimy you can have in his class is your own pride.
9120002So far the best Math Prof's. Very hard teacher but you will learn your stuff. Very willing to help outside class, but you'd better be prepared to work.
6520002you're a teacher, Meadows. That means you have to teach. Unless you can show yourself how to do this stuff FIND ANOTHER COURSE!!
5820002No Partial Credit? c'mon...

Avoid Meadows or suffer the consequences
9520001Ihad him for calc II and he was good. He collected the homework which made me learn the subject. He doesn't grade harsh, but if you don't do the homework you will fail. He explaines things well and answeres questions well.
8519993Is very knowledgable in his field, but his methods of teaching aren t suited for a student who could have a hard time learning the subject. Otherwise a good teacher.