RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for David Ross

9920023genuinely good prof. teaches well grades even better. good for u whether u wanna really learn calc. and even if u have done it already and are just looking to get by.
9920023He is easily the best calc teacher I ever had. He has an excellent grading system and a great teaching style. I highly recommend him.
9920012Very personable, explains everything in class well. Weekly quizes and homework assignments are graded. Grading system works as follows: Whatever you get on your final replaces all grades lower than that. Meaning you can never get anything lower than what you get on the final. So if you start out rough, you can always catch up and still get an A.
8520012(engineering math) will go to great lengths out side of class to help you on whatever u dont understand. his door is always open, literally which different than most prof. He goes kinda slow in class and its not all that interesting. class doesn't correlate well with assigned HW. tests dont closely resemble HW either...
9920012Dr. Ross not only shows confidence in what he knows, but has the knowledge to back it up. He will go out of his way to help the student with any problems they might have. His grading system is the fairest I have ever seen, and he gives quizes for the meer fact that he learned that students wanted them as a progress check. You leave his course not only knowing you learned all the required information, but also with a backing and dep understanding of more than just what u minumally need to know. Fit your schedule to be able to have this professor, he's the best one I have had here.
9920012Excellent professor. Go out of your way to take him - it's worth it.
7120012It looks like he knows the material. He delivers his lectures with least confidence in himself and the students. He has to serious ammend his quiz and homework system. He assigns very very little homework and the quizzez are dumb. You'll get an 'A' alright but with no satisfaction of having learned something. What more if he messes up your foundation, your doomed.
9520012Great professor. Teaches the material well, and very fair on his grading. Recommended for everyone who wants to learn and apply the material with very little book work
9920012One of the only humanistic professor's I've had the pleasure of being a student of. Anyone who can should take Dr. Ross!
9920012great guy, great teacher, great grading system; mess something up and your grade on the final replaces anything lower
9920012One of the best professors at RIT! Also, one of the coolest, nicest teachers I've ever had. I hated calc, but he made me like going to class. I learned the material, and got a good grade. The grade on your final replaces all previous lower grades, so if you get an A on the final, you get an A in the class.
9520012He's a great professor, teaches the material well, very amiable and extremely helpful for even the smallest problems...grading system gives every opportunity for a student to get an A...a must..even at 8 am
9920012Dr. Ross is one of those rare teachers that actually cares about students, and how much they learn. Instead of penalizing you for doing poorly on a test, he will work with you and try to get your grade up. His grading scheme is more than fair, and he is a really nice person to be around. If you have the chance of taking him, I would highly suggest you do so.
9120012Had for Calc 3. Excellent professor, gives great lectures, sarcastic asides, reasonable grading and partial credit. Wish I could have this guy for all of my RIT math courses.
9920012Very good teacher. Sweet grading policy too. Whatever you get on the final will be your grade, unless you get something lower than what you had going into it. HW is collected once a week, but it's very easy, along with his quizes. No surprises either. Very nice.
9920012Best professor for any type of math I have ever had. I learned so much in his class, there isn't anything bad I can say about him. Very available for extra help if you need it, but you probably won't because he does a great job explaining everything in class. He also gives practical, real life examples for everything he teaches. I went from the worst professor I've ever had (I won't mention any names), to the best I've ever had. It's truly a shame he's not teaching Differential Equations next quarter.
9120012Has an excellent final grading policy- A on final, A in class.
One problem though is that not everything that is tested on is covered in homework.
9520012Probably the best overall math teacher I've ever had. He teaches the material very well, and cares how his students do in his class. His grading policy is the best system I've ever encountered, and his tests and quizzes are fairly straight forward, nothing out of the ordinary or surprising. My only criticism: he gives too little homework for the difficulty of the material.
9920012Definitely a great math professor. Excellent grading policy and no surprises on quizzes or tests. Very open and willing to work with you if the need arises.
9520011He's quite good. He started this year, and seems to definately have a handle on the material. He's very enthusiastic and grades fairly. His weekly quiz system is annoying, but useful in helping you know what you don't understand. His tests are good as well. Managable homework load.