RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Dennis Plaisted

9120023Dr. Plaisted is easy in that he gives you the questions to the midterm and the final a week in advance so you can memorize the answers. Also, he lets you out of class 45 minutes ahead of time. The material sucks (ethics) but its an easy A if you can memorize.
8520023Presented material clearly. Okay guy.
9520012Dr. P is an extremely nice guy. You can easily tell that he like what he is doing. Although his lectures may get a little boring at times the material is actually very interesting. He only gave my class a midterm and a final but he gave us the test questions a week in advance to look them over! I loved the class and had no problem whatsoever with Dr. P. Go to class, do what he asks and you should have no problem getting an A.
9520012Really nice guy... knows his stuff and wants you to know it also. He has 3 tests a quarter for critical thinking and they weren't bad at all. Take him if you can.
9520012Take your notes, do your homework, and study your notes, you'll do good in the class.
Knows what he's talking about, and if you let him teach he'll do a great job at it an make you think.
9520012Easiest A you'll ever get at RIT. He is so laid back and still covers the material. Sometimes it gets a little boring but then again its philosophy. Take him if you want an A. Another plus is he always lets you out at least a half hour or more early if its a 2 hour class.
9120012Definitely an easy A. We only got 3 tests in our class and I never studied until the night before...still got an A. Dr. P is a really easygoing guy, but you can tell he really knows his stuff.
9120012Good teacher - you learn good stuff and he's straight-forward about what's going to be on the test.

He could probably make his classes cover a bit more material, but what is covered is definately learned.
8820012Nice guy, explains things well, easy to understand.
8520012He gives you a study sheet for the midterm and final. The questions are right from the sheet but his grading is kinda off. His classes are extremely boring, but overall he's a really nice guy. His weekly quizzes can sometimes stump you too. Overall, it wasn't too bad, but not too great either.
9520011A real nice guy. He is really helpful. I took him for critical thinking.
9520011I like this professor very much. He's very intelligent, and really knows what he's talking about. However, it seems like sometimes he has difficulties getting students motivated, though this may perhaps be due to the fact that I had him at 8 AM, so almost everybody in my class was either half-conscious or just bored.
9520011Great guy. Gives good notes, prepares you well for tests/midterms. Grading is fair and just. Would definitely take again.
9520011Very good professor. He knows what he's talking about and actually made philosophy seem interesting. Minimal homework and easy tests if you just listen during class and take notes. Take his class if you want an A and a little food for the mind.
8820011Pretty good teacher- lectures were boring at times, but he always ended the class early. Very good preparation for tests, although the final was hard compared to the other tests.
9520011the weekly quizes are sometimes a little hard but he even weights the class. the exams are cake he gives you all the questions BEFORE the exam!!! all the questions on the exam are from his notes so you really dont need to listen to him.
sometimes he rambles on but eh who cares
he even let us start our class at 8:20 instead of 8!!
9520011Excellent teacher, great to listen to, fair grader, gives excellent notes
9920011Nothing more nothing less take him if you can...if you do your homework that A is yours
8520003Very friendly professor. He knows the material but I pretty much only tried to pay attention for fear of hurting his feelings.
7120003Doesn't know how to take control of his class. He hates confrontation and lets students interupt him, thus not teaching us as much as he is supposed to.
9920003I found him a very good teacher as he is willing to listen to the thoughts of others, an important philosophical characteristic. He tests on exactly what he teaches. If you take notes in class and reread them before a test, you should do great in the course. Overall a really nice guy who I enjoyed sharing my ideas with.
9520003Excellent professor and is a very fair grader, but expects you to know all of the info from class.
9520003Very good prof. Explains everything to you and is an overall nice professor. A tad boring, but I got a short attention span. STRONGLY RECCOMENDED...
9520003Terrific professor that explains everything you need to know very thoroughly and makes sure you are very well prepared for his exams. The class can be a bit boring, as he is very quiet and doesn't command attention. He has trouble gaining control of an unruly calss also. His tests are rather easy and he grades very leniently.
8120003He prepares you very well for his tests. The class is quite boring, but then again it is philosophy. He does a good job teaching a fairly boring topic.