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Ratings for Edward Newburg

6120011He only did homework problems and nothing else.
9120004I know that it seems that Newburg has gotten a bad rap for some reason, when I told people that I was taking his class I was told to run as fast as I could. I decided to stick it out, and I am glad I did. Yes, Newburg isn't the most stimulating or flashy teacher, or most energenic. Sometimes you may think that he is falling asleep at the black board, but really he is thinking about the best approch to what he is trying to do. Newburg I don't think spends hours on end getting ready for class, he can walk into the class open the text to where we are, and start. Teaching diffirently then the text would, which for some students would be good, because they need different ways to look at things. His test for the most part, if you did the work assigned in class you should do fine, he give practice exams, and a pracitice final, sometimes he might even give the same for the test as the practice test, HA to those who skip class. He won't come out and ask if their are any questions all the time, but if you have one ask. Don't just raise your hand, he won't see you, yell out his name, he won't mind. Also if you want help go to his office, he was always their when I went and can think of infinate problems that you could do together, always a good idea before a hard exam, he can point out problems that he like from the text, the he could base a test question off. I hadhim for Diff EQ, I would take another class from him. A- is because I did have to teach some of the stuff to myself, which was fine with me beacause I learned it on my own.
7820003One of the worst Math teachers at this school. I think his age is around 104-120. He looks like Kernal Sanders grandfather. He doesn't teach anything. He spends 30 minutes on one problem and makes so many mistakes. He hates when students have questions because and gets defensive for some reason. The learning atmosphere was terrible. It was torture taking his class. The only reason I didn't give Newburg a F was because his tests were very easy after you figure out his system. (Before he gives a test, he gives us a practice test to study. The REAL test is the SAME exact test but with the values changed. And he let us bring a sheet of notes during the test.) But even despite this, many students got bad grades. I got B's on his tests and I NEVER get B's in any math class. I suck at math.
8120003I have taken the man twice. People are right when they say he tends to mummble to himself sometimes. If you dont need ANY motivation, you might learn something, its hard at times tho. You sort of need to be REALLY patient. HE tends to get irritated easily but the few times I went to his office and said I STILL dont get it, please re-explain, he did. So just forget he is old and looks funny or whatever, try to make the most out of it. There are worse people out there.
7520003Very good for a maths prof. He mummbles around in the class, doesn't know the sylabus when he get's in but his test are a peice of cake. If u want an A, take him. If you want to learn.. find a better man.
9920003I took him for calc III, and if I could I would take him for every math class here at RIT. I could skip class the whole quarter, go the thursday and Friday before the test, and get an A on it. that is because he realizes calc III is a low level math class. It should not be difficult. He gives a review sheet that is the test with minor changes, and lets you bring a page of notes into the test. The problems on the test are teh simple prblems from class, he leaves difficult questions off the test, and tries to figure out if you understand the concept of what he's taching now, not if you remember your trig functions from pre-calc. If a person gets lower than an 85 on anything the man grades, its because they didn't put in the effort.
8520003I had Professor Newburg for Calculus I my first quarter here at RIT. I think that there is more to be desired of his teaching style but an easy A. The tests are composed of what is on the review sheet that he hands out and goes over the day before the test. He allows one sheet of notes per test. If all you do is bring the work that you did on the review sheet, you'll get an A on his tests. If you wish to actuallly learn something from him, you'll have a rather tough time. He mumbles a lot and gets rather angry when you question his work. An easy A, or learn something...you decide.
7120002Took him pretty long time ago. I think he complained too much in the class - that's one thing that is turn off. His exams are fairly easy, but if you make a mistake, he will shoot you big time.
6120002He babbled like an idiot. My interpreter had to wait more than 2 or 3 minutes to let him finish his sentence then interpreted for me. Being in his class is like in infinite oblivion!!! On the bright side, his test is relatively easy. He gave practice exams that are exactly like the actual exams!!!!
6820002Time for this old man to retire. Can't teach, mumbles to himself, makes about 6 mistakes a class on the board, and laughs to himself all the time about nothing. He may know his math, but he can't teach it to students.
6520002He is a brilliant man...but sadly, he doesn't have the desire or the ability to convey any of this knowledge to the students. He was boring, apathetic, and didn't once teach to the class. He often talked to himself as if he was solving these problems for his own amusement. I may have gotten an A in his course, but he still found the time to demean me for the few mistakes I made in his class. Comments like "Do the problem. Can you read?" for a minor mistake are inappropriate. All he did during the last lecture was berating us for mistakes on the last test. Retirement should look nice right about now. If not, maybe he can be fired.
4820002Prof. Newburg does not know how to TEACH. He talks and laughs to himself like he is the only person there. He does not take the class into consideration or make an effort to see how the class is taking in this new information. He thinks everything is easy and that we are dumb for not knowing. The only reason I got an A was bc I took Calc in HS. It is time for the old man to retire.
5320002Newburg couldn't teach his way out a paper bag if he tried. He confused me on stuff I already knew how to do. He was mean and immature. If you wrote "I don't know on a question" he would write a paragraph basically saying how stupid you were and then write big NOs over the rest of the problems (and I mean the entire problem).
9920002This Teacher is awesome...not the best of the best teacher..but hey..lemme tell ya...if you want at A, TAKE HIM!!!!
4820002Have him for Differential Equations. The man just rambles on and on, and puts equations on the board and solves them like he's not even teaching a class. It's absolutely fantastic to know that he knows the material but that doesn't exactly help the class much if he doesn't explain what he's doing.
7520002If you've gotten all A's in your math classes, take this guy for another one. Otherwise, steer clear. Hardcore math students ONLY.
6120001Very confusing and difficult to understand. Does not teach, just lectures. If I hadn't already had calculus in high school I would have failed this class.
4820001He Doesn't explain how to do the problems. Thinks all the problems are so easy and we are just stupid. Must do problems his way or they are wrong. I didn't learn anything in this class. He is over the hill.
4820001Horrible horrible teacher - demeans the class. Should have retired long ago #CalcII became "CalcII-The Self Study Course" #DO NOT TAKE THIS PROF
5819993He knows what HE is doing.........but doesn t, let me STRESS DOES NOT know how to teach to others. He has past his prime and should no longer teach. Another problem w/ Prof. Newburg is that he demeans the class and calls his students stupid for not understanding "simple concepts" which is ironic since he can not convey any new concept.
6519993He may have been a good teacher at some point, but he needs to retire.
He talked to the desk more often than talking to the class.