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Ratings for Elizabeth Lawley

4820023she's a meanie, I got a B in her IMM class because she didnt like the colors on my website. tests are too hard for incredibly easy material
9520023Had her for two web classes. Group work was annoying. Has bit of an ego at times, but overall she's pretty easy to get along with.
8120023A good teacher, very enthusiastic. Not always well prepared, and has a tendancy to cancel classes willy-nilly, hence the B-. Still would recommend.
9920012Liz won't put up with getting j-rked around and she demands respect. And she will give that same respect back to the students without j-rking you around. Do your work, show up, and you won't have a hard time. She is very helpful outside of class and REALLY knows and cares about the subject matter. Lawley is a no-nonsense type of professor, and one of the finest examples of what RIT has to offer.
8120012I had Prof. Lawley for IMM lab. She was a fairly mediocre instructor (though the class was pretty bad). Any teacher who needs to go on a ten minute rant about their degree in library science and how they will catch students cheating on the first day of class is fairly poor in my eyes.
9920012Ms. Lawley is the best professor that i have had since being a RIT student...She is an excellent professor and she knows how to communicate with her students. I wouldn't hesitate to take any class that she is teaching..
9520012Professor Lawley is a great teacher if you simply follow her plans. She is very clear that she likes things a certain way, but she gives the reasons why they should be that way and why other ways are not better. This is what makes her great. She knows her stuff and will really help you learn if you are willing to.
9120011Very fair professor, to the point and easy to understand. She is also a very nice person to talk to after class.
9120004Knowlegable, friendly, very approachable, and throws a mean right hook (battle of the brains). She knows her stuff in terms of Web Development, and I learned a lot in my 409 class with her. However, don't expect to get an A in any of her classes without putting in a lot of work. She's a strict grader, but is also thorough and fair.
9520004Very nice and knowledgeable professor. One of the few effective communicators in the IT department. Be prepared to work hard and learn a lot. I would try to avoid a night class with her however; she (as well as the students in the class) run out of steam 2 hours into a 3-1/2 hour lecture.
9920003Wonderful. You can ask her anything and her answers are very clear and concise. Always available and open to ideas.
4820003Horrible teacher. No one should take this so called teacher for any course. She has no idea what she is talking about and is not at all knowledgable about any subject she attempted to teach. DO NOT TAKE HER. She is an idiot, how she became a professor is beyond me.
9520003Very good professor. Learned a lot in website design & implementation class, she really did a good job keeping me motivated and interested in the class. She was also always available when I needed to get in touch with her outside of the classroom. I highly recommend her.
8520003Not my favorite IT professor, but I think that has seen enough of the business world to know what she is talking about.
9120003Prof. Lawley is one of my favorite profs here. Her classes are usually fun and interesting. If you do the work that she assigns you, the class should be just fine.
9120003Had her for 409. Very knowledgeable and savvy. Low tolerance for stupidity/poor work. In terms of grades, you get what you give to her. I seemed to learn more from reading the books than her lectures but if it wasn't for the class I would read those books.
9920002She knows what she is teaching and also prepares well. Her class is well organized and well planned. Getting good grade may tough in her class but you will learn a lot if you want.
9920002The best professor I have had at RIT. I've learned so much from her classes. She expects a lot from a student, but that's what i like. I know when i receive an A in her class, i really did deserve it. Hard to get to know at first, but if you give her a chance she is great to talk with!
9520002She's smart, and gets the material across.
9920002She's an excellent teacher, with strengths in communication, knowledge, and explains her material wayyy better than most others do. I'd take her again anytime.
9920002100% entergetic about her work and cares about students. Good presentation methods.
9920002Liz is a great teacher. If you are a slacker and you just want to sit around, do nothing, and expect to get an A, dont take her class. If you actually want to learn something and have a challenge, take her class. I think she is one of the best teachers in this department. She is very helpful, understanding and thorough. Recommended by me!
9520002do your work and you will get graded accordingly. you might not like her much, but you will get a lot out of her class. take her classes if you seriously want to learn.
9920002Seems to be one of those proffesors you either love or hate. I liked Professor Lawley - her teaching style and her assigments. She seemed fair in grading things - both group projects and individual assignments.

I heard she's making students use a webpage validator for 409 this quarter. Can't say as I would probably like that though. ;)
9520002I think Lawley is excellent. She is very amusing, which helps in those boring classes.
9520002I had her for DL this quarter. She did not participate as much as I wanted her to. And it takes her a while to respond to questions. I still give her an A because I think she's one of the better ones in the Dept. She makes it hard for people to slack and makes you work hard for your grade. I like that. When you get an A, you know you've earned it. Unlike other teachers where getting an A is quite easy. If you do not want to work hard, do not take her classes. But if you want to learn, sign up!
8820002Very nice person. Lots of readings, some interesting,some not. Took this class through DL and would have liked her to participate more
4820002A horrible teacher, she makes it very difficult to learn and gives no leniancy on projects. She is the worst teacher Ive had at RIT.
7520001Has a very low tolerance for stupid people. This is good. However, she often has difficulty teaching the material. She appears to be very knowledgeable in the multimedia area, but the teaching skills could use a great deal of work.
9520001I thought she was very effective and thorough
7520001Not well prepared for class.
7520001Has difficulty teaching the class. On several occasions she was not prepared for class. Asking questions seemed to get her upset.

Recommendation - Relax, have fun teaching the material. Think of students as more than just students, you might get along better with them
9120001Good professor, knows the material quite well. The material that she doesn't know, she tells you right up front. Could be a bit more prepared for class sometimes.
7120001Prof. Lawley is not the best choice, if one is available to you. While extremely knowledgeble in her field and in the course work, her seeming lack of prepardness with in-class demonstrations is a strong negative. Often the class will sit in silence for five minutes while she tries to fix what went wrong. Again, try to find someone else if possible.
9920001Excellent communicator, she knows her stuff and doesn't take crap from morons. She's become my favorite professor, and one of my good friends. Thanks Liz!
9920001Best Lab professor I have ever ever had
9520001Had her for 409 and 320-Lab. Good professor, wants to help us understand web concepts. But make sure you follow directions on project assignments, or you'll be sorry.
9519993Good professor. Good teaching style. Makes class interesting.