RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Edline Chun

7120023An extreme amount of work. An extreme amount of handouts. Keeps you "busy".
7520012Feedback is not very good. She would write "very well written" on my first draft and surprise me with a C on the final version. If my first drafts weren't good enough, she should have told me!

She also has the tendency to ramble about the brand of classroom light bulbs and fountain pens.
8520012Horrible teacher. Really did not learn much from the class. Grading was not fair and I think she just made up what she felt like. She should not be teaching. Gives you tons of pointless work to do. She kills way to many trees.
9520003She is a really good teacher, and I learned a lot from her class. She is more than willing to help you out with assignments you are having trouble with.