RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Elissa Spada-Weeden

9520012Elissa is a good professor and explains things well. She readily looks up things she might not be 100% sure on and lets you know in the next class. She is an excellent choice for the Database classes. I also had her for VB lab in the past and she was also very helpful!
9520012Explains concepts well and is always there if you need assistance. I know most professors say that they'll help you when you need it, but this one actually does.
9920011Great Prof....made the class fun..and i learnt a lot. recommend her to all students
9920011A great presenter; as well as being knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Wants her students do do well. A word of advice to lazy students; she is not an "easy A".
9520011Professor Weeden (previously Spada) was a great instructor. Covers the material very well. Grades exams & practicals fair and thorough. I think that all of the Database Professors are great and she adds to it.
9520003Had her for a lab instructor, and as an advisor. As a lab instructor she will try like crazy to help you out. As a advisor she is fair, and will do whatever she can to make things easier on her advisies.
7520003Knows material rather well, but could do better at presenting it. Any class that I had with her was strictly sit there while she showed powerpoint slides and read them to you (not very interesting).
9520002Knows her subject well. She's a very nice person, and always tries to help her students out.
9920002Had her for VB and Database #very fair and cares about her students. Wants everyone to succeed.
9920002She is so helpful if you do not understand the material. She is one of the only professors that actually means it when they say their door is always open!
6820002D is for Intro to database.
9520002very helpful, and always willing to answer questions
8520002She was alright. Very friendly and accomodating person. But she wasn't as knowledgeable.
9520001Good overall knowledge about Oracle, very helpful inside and outside class, great sense of humor, fair and thorough in grading
9919993Excellent professor. Very helpful. Very knowledgeable about Visual Basic.
7119993fair when in the classroom - but not at all when correcting assignments and tests