RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Everton King

8520023For some reason he was unable to run my weekly assignments for the entire quarter so every week I had to go before the class to demonstrate it for him and it worked for me everytime! He was a nice guy though and VB for GUI design was much easier and more straightforward than the IT equivalent.
4820012will someone please fire this *ss? he had the gaul to tell me that the reason i recieved c's on most of my VB projects was because i didn't have "very good flowcharts".... DID YOU LOOK AT THE GODDAMNED CODE WHEN YOU GRADED THESE?! as*h*le.
8820012Not a great prof. but not a horrible one either.
7520003extrememly disorganized and sometimes rude and out of line with his comments. i took nothing out of this class.
4820003I spent a quarter with him and did not learn anything by attending his classes
5320003Prof. King does not have a clue as to how to teach a class.. I have had him for two courses and refuse to take another class with him. I will not waste my tuition money on a class where i will not learn anything unless teach myself. I am behind about a half a year because king was the only professor teaching the course at the time
6120002Professor King is not knowledgeble enough to teach network technology. After two weeks of his class I filled out an add drop form. I left the class because I was actually interested in the subject. Professor King would literally talk for four hours without conveying any information.
6520002Does not know the topic very well. He talks about nothing
4820002I had King for GUI design. He has no clue what he is doing. He was never organized and grades mostly based off whether you can keep a folder or not. I got an A in the course but I gained no information about the subject.
6820002He really doesn't tech you vb...he just types or writes something on the board and say follow him
6120002He has no clue how to program how program in VB. Easy A though
9520001Really easy for business computer applications. Gives a bit of homework but he's a breeze
9920001I think he's great!! He treats students well..that's important