RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Edward Schell

8520023He's good, though slightly in favor of the men. My friend has him as advisor and he said some unnecessary, demeaning things. He's very enthusiastic and always smiling. Come join the RIT singers :)
6520023total music snobb
9520023Just have him for RIT Singers, but he seems like a great guy, usually in a really good mood, demanding but patient, definitely knows and cares about music.
7820012Well, he is not a good teacher to me. I did not learn as much material from his class as I expected.
9520012I had him in the fall for Music Theory I and now I have him for Music in the US. Music Theory I was one of the hardest classes I've taken here. He expects a lot from his students - so make sure you know how to read music before you take this class. I learned a lot in the class and it was one of the few I've taken at RIT where I felt I learned enough to get my money's worth. While he expects a lot, he is very willing to answer your questions, so don't be afraid to interrupt him during the lecture as often as you need.
9520012Good professor, tests on what he teaches, and loves music. Is in a good mood all the time. Music theory I is awesome.
9920012I loved his teaching style. He gets everyone to participate in class. He's always cheerful, as others have said. I look forward to taking Music Theory II with him this Spring (013). Note that music theory can be quite difficult if you can't read music at all, and have very little experience. But he makes a genuine effort to help and you should have no trouble getting an A if you have some background in music. (I've played the piano for some time and Music Theory I was a breeze)
8520011I took him for Music Theory I, and it would have been real tough if I didn't already have a good grasp on the material. There was, though, a lot to cover. He's easy to get along with and if you ask him something, he'll respond as best he can. Generally a good teacher.
9520002Excellent Professor. I've had him for a couple of courses and I've loved 'em both. He's very excited about music, and happy all the time. I recommend him for anyone taking a music course.
9920002Schell is a good teacher and a very nice guy. I had him in a large music theory 1 and a small music theory 2 class, and he did well in both settings. Explains things pretty well, answers questions well, and is pretty fair on tests, even though they can be quite long; he gives extra time to finish them, however.
9920001Great professor and advisor. Always took the time to privately tutor me in my weak spots.