RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Eva Culakova

7520023Seemed like a very nice lady, but her speech was very difficult to understand. I got a B, but it was pretty hard.
9920012Awesome teacher! I learned so much in her class.
9920003One of the best professors in the math department. She has a thick accent, but after a few days it isn't a problem. Makes things very easy to understand. Tests seem to be the right difficulty level. I've taken here for Calc 2 and Discrete 2, got A's both times, and I also learned a lot.
8520003Good Teacher, tests were very challenging and tricky
9120003good teacher but can go into detail a little bit too much and make things pretty boring, test/quizzes are very fair though
8520003Very good at presenting complicated material. The tests were a different level than the homework; but, she explains the material well enough were it typically isn't a problem
8520002Nice woman. Thick accent. Moderate teaching abilty. Willing to help you if you don't understand until you do.
9920002Great Professor! Always willing to help. Very fair grader. Tells exactly what is going to be tested and what is not.
9520002Thick accent, but you can get past it very quickly...The chick is very hot, so if you're looking for a hot chick who is russian and who knows about math (for all of you nerds), Take Her!
9920002excellent teacher. she has a heavy accent, but you get used to it after a week or two. she will work with you outside of class with anything in the mathmatics department-until you understand. her grading is extremely fair, sometimes easy, and her tests are difficult, but not so hard that you cannot finish them. she prepares you very well for following courses. homework assigned is fair.
had her for calc 2 and 4, best calc teacher i have ever had (including my highschool one)
6520002She has a terible accent and she goes too fast. She also smells pretty bad. I'm glad I dropped her.
9120001accent is quite thick, but you get used to it. a nice lady that wants you to learn. kinda funny.
9120001That last name sound Russian for a reason!
9920001If you are willing to work around her thick accent, Eva is a great teacher. Because of her accent, she repeats almost everything to make sure all the students understand what she is saying. Very fair grader as well.
8820001Very fair in grading. Gives credit for understanding the concept even if the ensuing math is a disaster.
9120001Fun to listen to and shows a lot of interest in her students. Sometimes is overly lenient with due dates, which can be frustrating if you scrambled to do your work on time while others who didn't care will end up with the same credit. But that's not as important. Accent is noticeable, but does not inhibit understanding at all.
9519993She is very nice and down to earth. She does everything she can to make everyone in the class understand.
9119993She has an accent, however very nice teacher, concerned with students.
9119993Makes good attempt at involving the entire class, shows an obvious concern for student success, and grades tests/homeworks fairly.