RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Franz Foltz

9520023Good guy easy grader and ya feel like you learned something at the end of the class what more is there to say.
9520012I truly enjoed the class due to the amount of disscussion and openness of the instructor. Professor Foltz is a great teacher because he makes you think instead of just presenting material to you.
9120012All round good professor. He leads intelligent class discussions, is responsive to student input, is fair and not unreasonably difficult. He brings in interesting guest speakers and teaches a fun and meaningful class. (Intro to Public Policy)
9920012Very good teacher, thought provoking, values your input, makes class reasonably easy, down to earth. Excellent all around teacher. Probably the best lib arts teacher ive ever had
7120011OK professor...drones on and on and on...till you're in a nice deep sleep. Fairly boring subject matter that related to each other in tangental ways. It seemed as if he was trying to force the three concepts of Science, Technology and Society (or Values as he renamed it) to have some relation to each other when they don't always in practice. Stay away in the morning, but OK for late morning/afternoon class
9520003Great Instructor. His speaking skills and lesson plans are great; they keep you awake and interested.
9920002Great guy, great teacher, great subjects. Can't say enough. I wouldn't call him easy... but his classes aren't exactly hard. You can learn a LOT if you give an effort though.
9120002Great guy and knows the material well. Fair grader and makes the material interesting and not boring
9520002Good Teacher. Knows a lot. Probably the best out of all the Sci Tech professors.