RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Francis Kearns

9520012good teacher and tests are fair highly recommend
6820012Kearns' teaching style lacks. He makes you do the homework before explaining the chapter. Even though you get marked for completion rahter than understanding, it still would help to understand before you attempt to complete. Tests are impossible; no curve. Otherwise, he is a nice guy.
9920012Dr. Kearns is an awesome teacher. He knows his material. If you're looking for an easy A, this class will not suit you. His tests are difficult, making you really have to study. If you're an accounting major or thinking about doing accounting, this is the class you want to take, he's the best accounting professor RIT has.
7520011Kearns was somewhat annoying and always seemed a bit condescending. His tests were extremely difficult in my opinion.
9520004Kearns is a great teacher and really knows what he is talking about. His tests are quite hard, but his teaching style is great.
4820003I had trouble understanding this teacher!! The tests were too hard and had too much of indepth information.
9520003He was very easy to understand, and broke everything down to the basics so that it was very easy to understand. He has a very good attitude and teaching style. His expectations are reasonable.
9520002he is really a great teacher. He explains very well and he wrote everything on the board which is important. He gave exams which is reasonable. And the questions is right from the review sheets he gave to the students.
6820002Doesn't know what he's talking about.
7520002Very nice guy, but not a very good teacher. His teaching style is hard to follow unless you have a natural understanding of Accounting. But, he is always willing to help and explain anything needed.
9920002Professor Kearns is HIGHLY organized, easy to follow, and never gives you anything you don't expect. His tests are fair (practically word-for-word from his study guides) and his notes are very clear. One of the best COB professors I have had!
9520002I loved his teaching style. He is willing to help students and encourages questions.
9519993Kearns does a great job with notes and teaching. He always reviews topics covered the previous day and has a cheery attitude towards a borin subject.